Graduation Day

I never imagined how wonderful I'd feel wearing the graduation robe till the day came when I finally wore it. It was indeed a big day. I was content that all my hard work for so many years had finally paid off. The only bad part on that lovely day was that parents weren't invited. I know that comes by as a big bummer but that's the way it was. I missed 'em so much, imagining seeing pride on their faces every minute the ceremony lasted.

I fondly remember my school life, my first ABC book that I still have possession of (surprised?), my play group days, then nursery, my first grade teacher who pampered me, the third grade teacher who was so scary; the list goes on. After years of hard work, I made it to the place where there was this one seat that was meant for me and me alone. It was the place I had made for myself in a batch of over a hundred, I was amongst the top three.

You know the best moment of that entire day? It was seeing the look on my mama's face when she saw me in that prestigious black robe and with my graduation certificate. She hugged me tight and told me she was proud of me.

Hope you have a great weekend ahead! *smiles*
- Mehr

This was a short and random write up for Sunday Scribblings.