What's the perfect line? Letters I'll Never Send - Part 4

dear crazy-whoever's-out-there,
So this is me...
fun loving!

and this is my place.. my canvas, the place i try to jot down any thing that inspires me.
they ask me, how can u make so many blog posts? i say: i don't know. i just do. i don't wana miss out on a single beautiful feeling that crosses my heart and so you see, when i aim for that, i've a long, long way to go. i've a lot to write or type or whatever. cheers!

then they ask me: what compels you to keep writing that recklessly? i laugh almost wickedly and say: i smile all the while i write... and that is what compels it.  it keeps my mind off things i don't wana think about.

i've been scribbling stories for as long as i could remember. so many left unfinished because a newer idea was more exciting and i felt i had to start working on the newer one and save that current one for a later time. the ideas never ended; they kept on coming and coming, matured, lengthened, became more amusing.

my first (so called) book, the one i hand-wrote in a pink diary, i dedicated it to my mom.

I think my life began with waking up and loving my mother's face!

[God, she's amazing! If only I can be half the person she is!] I wrote, wrote, wrote for her, my dear ol' mum. My drive, my motive, my inspiration to become better and better.

I'm looking for the perfect line. You know what a perfect line is? It's a special line that has so many meanings on so many levels that you'll be dumb founded. it will be the ultimate wisdom delivered in the most concise words. it will be the most abstract painting you've ever seen and yet you will understand and see yourself in all the abstraction! It will make you smile, make you sing, make you give yourself a quick whirl in sheer joy. You'll feel like singing, feel like tapping your feet, you will feel laughing so much, with happiness, with pure happiness! the shine will reach your eyes and your cheeks will blush and you will suddenly feel that it all makes sense!

i'm on a crazy journey. to where? i don't know myself. all i know is im looking for the perfect line. i'm gona write my way to it, for as long as it takes. i ain't going back home without you baby! i'm gona take the perfect line home with me! wanna join me in the ride? :)

3yesh, you're coming along, whether you like it or not :P
have something to add, reader?

reckless type writer

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For You, a Thousand Times Over - WW29

{ I love books for taking me into far off places! }

"For you, a thousand times over." 

"Children aren't coloring books. You don't get to fill them with your favorite colors." 

"...there is a God, there always has been. I see him here, in the eys of the people in this [hospital] corridor of desperation. This is the real house of God, this is where those who have lost God will find Him... there is a God, there has to be, and now I will pray, I will pray that He will forgive that I have neglected Him all of these years, forgive that I have betrayed, lied, and sinned with impunity only to turn to Him now in my hour of need. I pray that He is as merciful, benevolent, and gracious as His book says He is."

"Kabul had become a city of ghosts for me. A city of harelipped ghosts. 
America was different. America was a river, roaring along, unmindful of the past. I could wade into this river, let my sins drown to the bottom, let the waters carry me someplace far. Someplace with no ghosts, no memories, and no sins. " 

Like these book excerpts? I'm reading currently The Kite Runner; a touching tale of father-son bonding, friendship, betrayal and then redemption. Set in the Afghanistan of 1970s, the story has stirred cords in millions of people around the world.

If you have not read this one, I recommend you to add this name in your to-read list :) Happy Reading!


For this week's Three Word Wednesday entry:

I was angry he had done it again. I can't believe the nerves of that guy! He takes everything for granted and exactly when I get touchy about stuff, he blows it off with a good hard joke. Insenstive. I stood in the balcony thinking on these lines over and over, fuelling my frustration. The breeze was soft as it toyed with my hair. On any other day, I would have been thankful for it in the sweltering hot weather in this part of the world. I hated change but being in a constant change for the past few years had mellowed me down. I was maturer and more patient now, except for times like these when he totally got on my nerves with his silliness. I felt a tickle on my back and then a finger here and a finger there. I turned around, making it a point to show my agitation so he'd be careful the next time. There he was, smiling back at me and for a moment I felt lost. He said something and I stood there gazing at his round mouth, talking but smiling. My anger left me completely. I wondered how he used to do it to a mellow, angry girl who loved the breeze, especially when it tickled! I guess I just loved that smile!


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