Working Out That Confidence! -- Fantastic Friday

So I'm fat. Big deal. The only thing I hate about being fat is not being able to fit into all my favorite clothes. Really. And, ummm, the frequent feeling of tiredness. That's it. I love my big cheeks. My friends say I look cute that way. I don't look half as good with cheeks tucked in. Trouble is, I have a sweet tooth. I wish I'd think of the consequences before I decide to gorge on a chocolate or gulab jaman. Sigh. I finally got dumb bells. Never did those kinds of work outs but I think it's high time that I do. I'm missing out on my much loved daily walks so I'm trying to make up for them else wise. Besides, having a strong body is so cool. Better than being slim, I tell you. I love the always-active feeling. I like being able to walk really fast, pick up heavy loads, run about, dance and laugh.

When you're happy with your body, you feel confident. When you trust your mind and body, you actually start trusting yourself better. And when you finally start losing weight, that's an incentive in itself. Don't you think, ladies?

Lots of water,
Dumping the lift and taking the stairs instead
Sweating off that lazy fat
Jog, jog, jog
Tip toe here
Tip toe there
Lots of fresh juice (nothing beat that!!)
The lovely greens
No oils... feel light!

It's downright fun, girls!

... And once a week after all the effort, I think I deserve something sweet!

Happy Weekend!

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