25+ Inspirational Quotes by Dr. Seuss

Theodor Seuss Geisel was an American writer, poet, and cartoonist most widely known for children's picture books written and illustrated as Dr. Seuss. Geisel published 46 children's books, which were often characterized by imaginative characters and rhyme. [wikipedia]

Dr. Seuss fun excerpts from books are very famous and have recently been revived again on the Internet for their age old innocent but deep insight into life and our characters. Among so many of his famous books are,  Green Eggs and Ham, The Cat in the Hat, One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish and many more.

Here is our collection of some of the most famous Dr. Seuss quotes making their rounds all over the Internet. You will definitely enjoy them and learn the merit which sets these quotes apart.

Keep Calm And... 70 Images

Keep Calm And... images are the new rage over the Internet. What started as something very serious in the course of history has now become the new, famous internet meme.

The history of these images trace back to old England where the government used posters bearing the text "Keep Calm and..." in public places to subdue and comfort an otherwise anxious nation during times of war. Today these posters are revamped into funny statements by appending it after the phrase "keep calm and...".

There are many websites dedicated to such comical/funny/neutral statements bearing the traditional "keep calm and" text with the queen's logo. More variations have been added as to the backgrounds and logo. Here is our selection of 70 funny and witty Keep Calm And images. Have fun sharing!

50 Heartfelt Expressions of Love And Commitment

Love is one of the best feelings in this world. Love has so many forms, so many different faces, it is hard to say that our life is ever devoid of it. Each face of love is a kind of celebration of its own. It takes a little hard work and a little bit of sacrifice and the results are always manifold. Though there are so many different kinds of love, we talk here about the kind of love that happens between a man and a woman that brings forth a whole family. That's how love multiplies.

Check out our collection of 50 cards on love. They contain declaration as well as celebration of this feeling for your loved ones. Enjoy it and send it to someone special to make their day. Be loved!

30+ Hello April Post Card Messages

April is finally here and with it, it has brought spring. All through the year, we yearn for spring to come because not only the weather is good but that spring has a special way of making us feel good. Recently, there has been a trend on the Internet to wish each new month a sweet "hello" and leaving little messages like "please be good", "be awesome". These are a new and fun way to not only show your welcome for the upcoming season, but also a reminder to your friends and readers we are entering into your favorite month! 

Check out our 30+ collection of such post cards for the month of April. Feel free to download.

Hey April, please be fun!

Quotes from Hollywood Best Classic Actors

Who didn't love the all time favorite likes of Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn and Clint Eastwood? Not only were they one of the best stars to hit the big screen, but they were apt at saying the right kind of words too. We take stars as of a special kind. The way the glitz and glimmer on the screen make us forget that they are simple human beings like us. We are reminded of their wisdom, beauty and charm when we hear them speak on simple topics we ourselves dwell upon.

Here is a collection of quotable quotes from some of the best actors Hollywood has the privilege to give us.