Capricorn Zodiac Traits; The Powerful Goat!!

Dear Perfect Liners, we are proud to launch our new sister site, where we are having a little fun with astrology and star signs. Starting this month, we will share posts for every star sign as we enter their regions. This month, it's Capricorn. Enjoy!

Capricorn is the tenth sign of the zodiac and is represented by a goat. It is a feminine negative cardinal earth sign and is ruled by Saturn. Among many qualities, a Capricorn is practical and realistic. Here is a Capricorn star sign, in a snap shot:
Your Lucky Number - 18 
Your Lucky Color - Peacock Blue...

5 Ways To Do Up A Winged Eye Liner **with inspiration**

Getting a winged eye liner is a difficult task. Despite my doing it for several months, I still can't get it right most of the times and have to re-apply again and again to get the perfect shape. Luckily, since winged eye liner make up is back in fashion, there are many tips and tricks available on the Internet to help us get the perfect shape and size for a winged eye liner. Whoever said this eye make up style was out of style needs to know that it is always in style, always so chic, always endlessly feminine.

Check out how you can get a winged eye liner look all by yourself and be a star for the evening.

Classic Briefcases - Fashionably Professional!

Heading off to work in the morning presents a few challenges, and one of them is choosing the right briefcase in which to carry your belongings. Fortunately, that problem is no more with the Saddleback Classic Briefcase

Made out of 100 percent thick full grain boot leather, this briefcase is both stylish and functional.