The Best DIY Gift Wrap Collection On The Internet - Tutorials and Ideas

Gifts are a wonderful way to cultivate relationships with friends and family. While handmade gifts seem to convey our wishes in the best way, handmade gift wraps are equally impressive. I love it when a friend or family member gifts something handmade to me. It shows how much they care. Gift wraps add another personal touch to the gift. I go through all my craft supplies every time I plan to give a gift to someone and will try to come up with something original and handmade for gift wrapping. The receiver's appreciation on that extra bit of effort makes it all worth it.

Sharing small collections of DIYs from over the internet is so my thing! So here I have come up with a collection of the 30 best gift wrap DIY from around the internet. They are simple, quick, fun to follow and to look at; but best of all, most of them are really cheap to make.

Creative Crafts: 8 Cozy Winter Cups

Winter is here in full swing and it's time to have fun with winters. What are winters without a hot cup of coffee, tea or your favorite hot drink? Here are some really cute ideas if you are a hot drink fan during winters. If you've got skills in knitting and/or crochet, you can easily make these for yourself or for friends.

Here's a cute collection of 8 cozy cup winter crafts to help keep the spirit of a cozy December!

15 Beautiful Quotes For Your Mother

Mother is the best gift God has given us. Each mother is beautiful, because she takes it upon herself to bring a new life in this world and then mould that new life into something more brilliant. Countless words have been said in the honor of these amazing women but none can suffice or even come close to measure up to them. 

Here's a collection of 15 heart touching quotes about mothers, motherhood and what's it like to contain a heart bursting with ove and only love.