The Best DIY Gift Wrap Collection On The Internet - Tutorials and Ideas

Gifts are a wonderful way to cultivate relationships with friends and family. While handmade gifts seem to convey our wishes in the best way, handmade gift wraps are equally impressive. I love it when a friend or family member gifts something handmade to me. It shows how much they care. Gift wraps add another personal touch to the gift. I go through all my craft supplies every time I plan to give a gift to someone and will try to come up with something original and handmade for gift wrapping. The receiver's appreciation on that extra bit of effort makes it all worth it.

Sharing small collections of DIYs from over the internet is so my thing! So here I have come up with a collection of the 30 best gift wrap DIY from around the internet. They are simple, quick, fun to follow and to look at; but best of all, most of them are really cheap to make.

Creative Crafts: 8 Cozy Winter Cups

Winter is here in full swing and it's time to have fun with winters. What are winters without a hot cup of coffee, tea or your favorite hot drink? Here are some really cute ideas if you are a hot drink fan during winters. If you've got skills in knitting and/or crochet, you can easily make these for yourself or for friends.

Here's a cute collection of 8 cozy cup winter crafts to help keep the spirit of a cozy December!

15 Beautiful Quotes For Your Mother

Mother is the best gift God has given us. Each mother is beautiful, because she takes it upon herself to bring a new life in this world and then mould that new life into something more brilliant. Countless words have been said in the honor of these amazing women but none can suffice or even come close to measure up to them. 

Here's a collection of 15 heart touching quotes about mothers, motherhood and what's it like to contain a heart bursting with ove and only love.

DIY: 18 Crafty Bookmarks Tutorials and Ideas

These Do-It-Yourself crafts will come as a treat to all book lovers out there. Being a book lover myself, I tried these fun bookmarks the minute I could get hold of my crafts supplies. Not only are these bookmark ideas adorable to look at, the making process is equally fun as well. You can either gift this to a friend who loves books, or you can make for yourself and enjoy your reading experience. The best part is, most of the supplies used in these tutorials make use of idle things lying around useless in your house.

How To Create Your Own Blog Button

You may have seen many blogs or personal websites where you see their logo or blog button up for grabs. They offer you a simple code that you can put into your blog/site code and their logo starts showing. What's more is that clicking on this blog button will take you to their site.

Wouldn't it be fantastic to have a similar site/blog button that people could come and grab? Not only is it convenient for visitors to follow, but it is also a good way to spread your link over the Web. It is doubtful anyone might be interested in a plain text link of your site, but when coupled with an attractive eye-catching logo/graphics, your link is sure to grab attention.

Advanced Image Editing Options Using HTML

Hi friends. In our previous sections, we discussed how to add images to your Blogger posts as well as how to control images by Blogger delivered functions. Blogger provides pretty straight forward ways to perform both these different kinds of tasks. But how does an advanced user benefit from all that Blogger has to offer? Simple. If you know HTML, you can do lots and lots of cool things with your images. The best part is, HTML is a very friendly, easy to understand language which you can learn quickly with little effort.

In this post, we will discuss how to use HTML into having more control over how to display images in your posts. This post assumes you are familiar with the very basics of HTML and jumps directly to HTML for optimizing images in Blogger posts.

Posting Options In Blogger

Apart from other options in a post, Blogger provides options that control the way user can choose to publish a post. These options are not related to the formatting or design to a post. This post discusses the way these different post options and how they work.

5 Blogging Tips That Always Pay Off To Remember

Blogging is not just mere writing, it is an art. To be able to write down your thoughts in a way that other people can easily relate to is definitely a skill. To achieve a desirable balance, not only look through all your designing aspects, but develop an assertive and appealing balance in your writing as well.

This post, and others in this series, will help a beginner to gain the poise and balance. If writing comes naturally to you, then a little conscious effort is all it needs to get you started in the right direction.

How To Insert Images In Blogger

Among many free features that Blogger provides for beginner bloggers, one main feature is that of inserting images and some preliminary related functions. The purpose of these functions is to help newbies come up with more professional looking blog posts. Till you get the overall hang of Blogger and the related advanced HTML, these basic image features will cater to your needs fun. We will look into more advanced image controls in later section.

Having Fun With Images In Your Blogger Posts

In the previous section, we learnt how to insert images in a Blogger post. Blogger offers us a neat variety of ways by which to add images to our posts to make them look more professional. Some of them, besides uploading are, inserting from Web, phone and webcam.

In this section, we will review some basic features offered by Blogger to make use of the images we have just added in our post. These are very simple to learn and help users gain some control over the look and feel of their posts despite the fact that they must be beginners. For more control (advanced topics), we will discuss in later sections.

How To Start Posting On Blogger - For Beginners

Composing and publishing a post on Blogger is very easy to understand for beginners. At the same time, it offers features that a more advanced user can use for more advanced purposes. In this article, we will focus on posting on Blogger for beginners and will discuss some basic features that such a beginner might need.

How To Create A New Blog On Blogger

So by now, you know you want to write a blog and have perhaps outlined some details of it as well like its title and the topic of your content. In this step, we will learn how to set up a free blog using Google's free blogging service called Blogger.

Setting up a new blog with Blogger is very easy and requires as little as three to four steps. Depending on the blogging platform you use, these steps may vary to some extent but for now we will focus on Blogger. Follow these simple steps to get started.

How To Start A Blog

How to start a Blog
So you probably have been wondering how every one claims to be a "blogger" and oh, does it sound so impressive. All those people who seem to assert their thoughts and opinions in the most effective way. Now every one can be a blogger! It does not require complicated steps or even any charge in most options. So I put THE question up front and let you decide:

Would YOU like to be a blogger?

If you're answer is "yes" then you have come to the right place. Here are a few simple points you need to consider before starting your new blog.

The Storyteller

She liked telling stories. The kind that left her listeners hanging between a certainty and an irresistible suspense. She liked leaving them half ecstatic, half yearning for more. That didn't make her a bad person though. She liked to leave a story in between so it could hang mid air among her people, giving them something fascinating to think about while she worked up the next move of her characters. Her audience would inevitably wait for more because they knew she gave a beautiful ending to each of her tale.

Giveaway: Win a free pair of glasses of your choice!

Sunglasses are so cool! You might want a specific one of your color choice or style, but oh, they can cost so much. If you're a regular reader of The Perfect Line, you're in some luck.

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Ramadan; What Did It Leave Behind In You?

Belated Eid Mabrook to everyone!

The blessed month of Ramadan has left us. Though we are sad, but we are also glad that it left us as better human beings. Ramadan brings with it so much festivities where we Muslims rejoice in praying for Allah Almighty. Everyone makes a hasty effort to collect as many neki (good deeds) as possible as they can. It is not selfish to be hasty in this endeavor, for Allah loves those who want to please Him. Being away from my family and friends, they were all so near my heart, joined in prayer. We all were chanting the same words, looking at the same sky, heads bowed in prayers, reading the same Quran and thinking the same things. Ramadan is one of the beautiful times when all Muslims, regardless of their color, race, language, unite hearts. Such a glorious gift from Allah! 

How To Change Your Life (without pushing yourself)

I am going through a phase of change. Not only did I switch my place of living, but I am going through a change that runs deep under the skin. Owing to that, I have a ton of things going on inside and around me. I need to wait out this paradigm shift and feel some ground before I decide where it is that I have come to. That is exactly my topic of discussion today.

Change. It is a one word bomb that will set most people to unrest. Whether the impending change is good or bad for us, only time will tell, but most of it is based on common sense. Literally. While we may not possess the power to foresee our future, God has equipped us with a little piece of magic called "common sense". No pun intended. Your common sense and a basic general knowledge of the things surrounding your point of concern will go a long way.

Lost And Found - Wonderful Wednesday

I would like to know
what it feels to be lost. 
Because when you are lost,
you find things you never
expected to find.

The funny thing about
getting lost is
that the things you find
were there all along.
Isn't it strange?

A journey on lost and found
will be quite a thrilling one.
I wonder what you will find,
I wonder who will you find.
I wonder who will you recognize.

Maybe you will return
a changed person.
Maybe you will come back
with a subtle knowledge of
who you were all along.

If you chance to get lost
once in your lifetime,
I hope you find
the person you truly are or
the person who makes you find you.

Wait, was this a poem?

In case you're wondering, no it isn't. This is just a regular writing exercise for me where I sit and think over what a certain image brings to my mind. I let the words flow regardless of any constraints of word selection and rhyme. Sometimes it turns out great, sometimes it falls apart like lose strings. Either way, it's a wonderful exercise for creativity to flourish. If you are experiencing a writer's block or just can't get into a writing routine due to any reason, practice this exercise to help you get started. Cheers!

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The Power Of A Deed

I am thrilled to experience the power of a deed that we humans carry. You are more susceptible to this knowledge once you step out of comfort zone.

I recently moved country. The experience was exciting as well as a little stressful. The stressful part of this journey lied in fear of the unknown. But what made my husband's and my heart confident was the fact that we had a loving family and a really good meaning group of friends behind. When you live outside your hometown, you have this family-like feeling for people belonging to the same place as you. A common city makes the bond seem stronger; an old classmate or an old colleague even closer. Such was our case. We had an amazing group of friends that were also like a very cool support system. The love and care we shared with these friends was on a very shared basis. Like family.

What I mean is, doing a good deed to someone, be it as little as a kind word spoken, has a wonderful effect on you as a person as well. We like to know that we are liked and that makes us more positive, more happy and more optimistic. Never miss out a chance to say a kind word, a good deed or a helping hand to anyone you meet in life, let alone a friend. What you give to them comes back manifold. It adds to your own personal beauty. It shapes you as someone bright and cheerful.

The photo I used in this post definitely carries a much deeper meaning, but for me, it talked about friendship, love and caring. The power of a deed goes a long way off. Give it out generously, fully and openly. 

Till next time!

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15+ Colorful Sandals for Summer 2013

With summer in its full swing, girls are keen on the new and colorful summer trends. One must summer fashion is that of sandals. Sandals come in a variety, formals, casuals and the very famous, beach sandals. In rejoice of summer, they come in vibrant colors and styles. Coupled with bright, funky toe nail polish, sandals are the way to be this summer.

Enjoy a collection summer sandal trends for 2013. Hope you like them. Don't forget to share!

50 She Quotes that Celebrate Womanhood

Women are beautiful creatures. Not only by the way they look, but for what they do for the rest of the population. It takes a woman to make a home out of empty houses. Her nature is that of endless nurturing. As a sister, she is the perfect companion; as a lover, she is the perfect companion; and as a mother, she is the perfect protector. She may not have physical strength like men do, but she has courage and strength that goes way more deep. She can endure hardships, whether they come from the world or from her own body. She carries her baby in her womb and then brings that baby safely into the world enduring excruciating pain. Her love is so selfless, in whatever role she may be, that words and poems fail to describe the magnanimity of her beauty.

Enjoy a unique collection of 50 images that compliment this woman, whoever and wherever "She" may be! 

The Hottest Summer Nail Colors for 2013

When it comes to fashion, a woman that goes with the trend seems to be the smartest. With a surge of funky, bright colors recently, there is no surprise the bright funkiness is still here this summer in 2013. Here are some colorful ways to cheer up your nails and adding a punk to your style statement.

DIY: 12 Easy Paper Flowers To Try At Home

There are lots of ways you can put ordinary paper to use and come up with wonderful decor items, especially for places like kids room. Not only is it very economical option, but it also kills boredom. It requires minimum items to make such paper crafts. In this post we will be using paper to make beautiful and bright colored paper flowers. These tutorials will guide you in a step by step manner and are just basic. Furthermore, we are adding a couple of more inspiration to show you how to vary these basic steps to make something custom and different.


25+ Inspirational Quotes by Dr. Seuss

Theodor Seuss Geisel was an American writer, poet, and cartoonist most widely known for children's picture books written and illustrated as Dr. Seuss. Geisel published 46 children's books, which were often characterized by imaginative characters and rhyme. [wikipedia]

Dr. Seuss fun excerpts from books are very famous and have recently been revived again on the Internet for their age old innocent but deep insight into life and our characters. Among so many of his famous books are,  Green Eggs and Ham, The Cat in the Hat, One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish and many more.

Here is our collection of some of the most famous Dr. Seuss quotes making their rounds all over the Internet. You will definitely enjoy them and learn the merit which sets these quotes apart.

Keep Calm And... 70 Images

Keep Calm And... images are the new rage over the Internet. What started as something very serious in the course of history has now become the new, famous internet meme.

The history of these images trace back to old England where the government used posters bearing the text "Keep Calm and..." in public places to subdue and comfort an otherwise anxious nation during times of war. Today these posters are revamped into funny statements by appending it after the phrase "keep calm and...".

There are many websites dedicated to such comical/funny/neutral statements bearing the traditional "keep calm and" text with the queen's logo. More variations have been added as to the backgrounds and logo. Here is our selection of 70 funny and witty Keep Calm And images. Have fun sharing!

50 Heartfelt Expressions of Love And Commitment

Love is one of the best feelings in this world. Love has so many forms, so many different faces, it is hard to say that our life is ever devoid of it. Each face of love is a kind of celebration of its own. It takes a little hard work and a little bit of sacrifice and the results are always manifold. Though there are so many different kinds of love, we talk here about the kind of love that happens between a man and a woman that brings forth a whole family. That's how love multiplies.

Check out our collection of 50 cards on love. They contain declaration as well as celebration of this feeling for your loved ones. Enjoy it and send it to someone special to make their day. Be loved!

30+ Hello April Post Card Messages

April is finally here and with it, it has brought spring. All through the year, we yearn for spring to come because not only the weather is good but that spring has a special way of making us feel good. Recently, there has been a trend on the Internet to wish each new month a sweet "hello" and leaving little messages like "please be good", "be awesome". These are a new and fun way to not only show your welcome for the upcoming season, but also a reminder to your friends and readers we are entering into your favorite month! 

Check out our 30+ collection of such post cards for the month of April. Feel free to download.

Hey April, please be fun!

Quotes from Hollywood Best Classic Actors

Who didn't love the all time favorite likes of Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn and Clint Eastwood? Not only were they one of the best stars to hit the big screen, but they were apt at saying the right kind of words too. We take stars as of a special kind. The way the glitz and glimmer on the screen make us forget that they are simple human beings like us. We are reminded of their wisdom, beauty and charm when we hear them speak on simple topics we ourselves dwell upon.

Here is a collection of quotable quotes from some of the best actors Hollywood has the privilege to give us.

DIY: 10 Fab Hair Do's Easy To Try

There are so many hair styles a girl can carry whether she has long or short hair. With so many easy tips and tricks, it is easy to look fashionable for a nice evening out. 

We are back with more simple, easy and quick hair styles to give yourself a new look. Our previous hair style articles have received a great deal of response and so, we are back with some new styles to add to your collection.

Try them out and look your fab best!

Capricorn Zodiac Traits; The Powerful Goat!!

Dear Perfect Liners, we are proud to launch our new sister site, where we are having a little fun with astrology and star signs. Starting this month, we will share posts for every star sign as we enter their regions. This month, it's Capricorn. Enjoy!

Capricorn is the tenth sign of the zodiac and is represented by a goat. It is a feminine negative cardinal earth sign and is ruled by Saturn. Among many qualities, a Capricorn is practical and realistic. Here is a Capricorn star sign, in a snap shot:
Your Lucky Number - 18 
Your Lucky Color - Peacock Blue...

5 Ways To Do Up A Winged Eye Liner **with inspiration**

Getting a winged eye liner is a difficult task. Despite my doing it for several months, I still can't get it right most of the times and have to re-apply again and again to get the perfect shape. Luckily, since winged eye liner make up is back in fashion, there are many tips and tricks available on the Internet to help us get the perfect shape and size for a winged eye liner. Whoever said this eye make up style was out of style needs to know that it is always in style, always so chic, always endlessly feminine.

Check out how you can get a winged eye liner look all by yourself and be a star for the evening.

Classic Briefcases - Fashionably Professional!

Heading off to work in the morning presents a few challenges, and one of them is choosing the right briefcase in which to carry your belongings. Fortunately, that problem is no more with the Saddleback Classic Briefcase

Made out of 100 percent thick full grain boot leather, this briefcase is both stylish and functional.