50 She Quotes that Celebrate Womanhood

Women are beautiful creatures. Not only by the way they look, but for what they do for the rest of the population. It takes a woman to make a home out of empty houses. Her nature is that of endless nurturing. As a sister, she is the perfect companion; as a lover, she is the perfect companion; and as a mother, she is the perfect protector. She may not have physical strength like men do, but she has courage and strength that goes way more deep. She can endure hardships, whether they come from the world or from her own body. She carries her baby in her womb and then brings that baby safely into the world enduring excruciating pain. Her love is so selfless, in whatever role she may be, that words and poems fail to describe the magnanimity of her beauty.

Enjoy a unique collection of 50 images that compliment this woman, whoever and wherever "She" may be! 

The Hottest Summer Nail Colors for 2013

When it comes to fashion, a woman that goes with the trend seems to be the smartest. With a surge of funky, bright colors recently, there is no surprise the bright funkiness is still here this summer in 2013. Here are some colorful ways to cheer up your nails and adding a punk to your style statement.

DIY: 12 Easy Paper Flowers To Try At Home

There are lots of ways you can put ordinary paper to use and come up with wonderful decor items, especially for places like kids room. Not only is it very economical option, but it also kills boredom. It requires minimum items to make such paper crafts. In this post we will be using paper to make beautiful and bright colored paper flowers. These tutorials will guide you in a step by step manner and are just basic. Furthermore, we are adding a couple of more inspiration to show you how to vary these basic steps to make something custom and different.