A Cat's Busy Life

Meow, meow, me has a good sleep last night *yawn* 
me should wake up now.
It's time to check up on my masters.

Here she comes!  Ah where would they be without me?

You know what kitties? Weekend's finally here... woopie!!!

  Me is looking forward to so many things today...

Stuff like...

Meet my girlies!
[we haven't gone straying for quite some time now!]

Read a book!
[my master seems to have so many of them]

Watch a movie...

Spend time with my humans... 
they seem to need it *sigh*

Play hide and seek!

Sometimes me gets to play my master's video games
Me loves Tekken! Oooo yeaahh!!

Or when me wants attention, me plays dead  
[I is a smart kitty, ha ha ha!] ^_^

Look cute! It's so important these days!

All of this makes up for a hectic day! Me is tired!

Before you know it, it's time for bed again.
My, my, how time flies!

Me tucks in cozily.

Being the Kitty of the house is a tough job I tell you!
If you are one, drop in a meow too...

And yes, don't forget to love your humans every now and then!

And when they "purr", you'll know!

Happy Weekend, kitties!!