Love is the sparkle he puts in your life! -- WW44 *W/Linky*

I used to collect these comic strips when I was young and paste them all in a diary, meaning it to be a gift for my future husband. I can't help smiling so much tonight as I came across these strips on someone's blog and I just had to share them on my blog too! I'm feeling so nostalgic right now. I still have that diary with me. I took it out and had a good look at it once more. It was soothing because it reminded me that a sincere love is always returned and I will soon have my share of it too :)

If you want to see more and more and moreeeee of these lovely series, you can google them up as Love is... comics by Kim Grove, also available in books. I can buy the book and gift it to my significant other, but it won't match the one I made for him all those years back, hand collecting these comics and putting them all together for him :)

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44 AWESOME weeks into playing Wordless Wednesday and I'm still loving it!!
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