The Storyteller

She liked telling stories. The kind that left her listeners hanging between a certainty and an irresistible suspense. She liked leaving them half ecstatic, half yearning for more. That didn't make her a bad person though. She liked to leave a story in between so it could hang mid air among her people, giving them something fascinating to think about while she worked up the next move of her characters. Her audience would inevitably wait for more because they knew she gave a beautiful ending to each of her tale.

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Ramadan; What Did It Leave Behind In You?

Belated Eid Mabrook to everyone!

The blessed month of Ramadan has left us. Though we are sad, but we are also glad that it left us as better human beings. Ramadan brings with it so much festivities where we Muslims rejoice in praying for Allah Almighty. Everyone makes a hasty effort to collect as many neki (good deeds) as possible as they can. It is not selfish to be hasty in this endeavor, for Allah loves those who want to please Him. Being away from my family and friends, they were all so near my heart, joined in prayer. We all were chanting the same words, looking at the same sky, heads bowed in prayers, reading the same Quran and thinking the same things. Ramadan is one of the beautiful times when all Muslims, regardless of their color, race, language, unite hearts. Such a glorious gift from Allah! 

How To Change Your Life (without pushing yourself)

I am going through a phase of change. Not only did I switch my place of living, but I am going through a change that runs deep under the skin. Owing to that, I have a ton of things going on inside and around me. I need to wait out this paradigm shift and feel some ground before I decide where it is that I have come to. That is exactly my topic of discussion today.

Change. It is a one word bomb that will set most people to unrest. Whether the impending change is good or bad for us, only time will tell, but most of it is based on common sense. Literally. While we may not possess the power to foresee our future, God has equipped us with a little piece of magic called "common sense". No pun intended. Your common sense and a basic general knowledge of the things surrounding your point of concern will go a long way.