Faces of You

I strongly feel each one of has two sides to us. One that the world sees and one who we are in the dark. Okay, with some exceptions of course. You may take it offensively, accept my apologies if you do so, but think about it. Are we R.E.A.L.L.Y. ourselves in front of others? Completely?

I kept myself away from the flashy glamy side of Lahore. I found it all too artificial and it always made me restless. Right now, my most important need is to find myself again. It happens when one blindly and stupidly puts all faith and trust in people who don’t deserve the honor. So I’m running here and there, going to every place that I missed out on, just to see if I can be found there. When I do, I know I’ll have the courage to face the odds once more.

I have not found myself yet; my eyes are wide open. I’m seeing people. I’m observing them. And sadly, most of what I see makes me realize my own shell is a better place for me. We went to the Lahore’s most posh residential area last night, Defense Housing Authority (DHA). The whole place had big magnificent houses, lush gardens at the front, each one finely designed by probably the best architects Pakistan has to offer. It was like they were on some sort of competition, competing for something so vain as whose house was bigger, whose house was flashier and so and so. It was ridiculous. Each one had guards outside the gates, sitting in the scorching heat Lahore has been hit with lately. Okay so it’s their way of earning bread and butter I agree, but it was sad to know the people of these houses sat in air conditioners inside while these poor people were out in the heat. There was a girl at college who lived in Defense and made it a point to mention it, proudly, wherever possible that she lived there. She used to brag about the food there as something not a normal middle class person could ever afford, and other things of the like. It was disgusting. Is it all there is to people these days? Status symbol?

My point is, humans build walls around themselves and I fail to understand how they can manage it so well carrying so many covers on themselves around? Don’t they get tired? Doesn’t the child in them suffocate? Branded clothes, branded shoes, branded accessories; they all create a branded you. What’s with a brand anyway? They are willing to spend so much on themselves, just a single item, not realizing how many unfortunate people can benefit from the same amount if given for charity. I have seen girls transform themselves completely with new hair styles, new hair color, and make up; oh did I mention imported brands? What happens at the end of the day when there’s no one to pretend to? Do they have a conscience that’s guilty of running away from themselves? Lying with themselves? Cheating themselves? Being someone they aren’t? Putting on so many faces that it kills their natural innocence?

Open up.


Be the beautiful person you really are.

It takes courage to be who you are in the eye of the whole world.


  1. Mehreen,

    Read 2 posts now. I sincerely pray that God bless us with some sanity so this madness comes to an end. When I say us, it includes those who without even understanding consequences of their actions blindly do what their leaders tell them. And those who preach violence have their selfish motives. No religion teaches violence against unarmed or old or women or children. Which religions do these persons preach about? It felt so hurt when I heard about these blasts as Lahore is my birthplace too. Every time I hear about such happening in Lahore or Karachi I get worried about you, AD, Nahl and HM. May God protect you all. I agree that we all have something or the other which we do not show in public. I firmly believe that there is hardly anyone who can claim to contrary. Some hide more and some less, that is the only difference.

    Take care

  2. Di,
    I just hope that you get better soon! I agree, it's not easy to be who we really are in front of everyone! (:

    It's the same story here as well.. It starts right from class 2 students bragging about their branded Spider-man school bags. It's sad! Really sad.

    Take care
    I love you very much!

  3. i wanna put my walls down but i then recall i have none up around me :)

    so i m at disposal of the lot who will want to blow me up anytime and anyweher!

    status symbol or not we actually require more than a human body to protect us! I wanna be beautiful but I dont wanna be blown apart!

  4. thank you Uncle Jack. I know you people always think about in such times. Glad we're friends!

  5. @ AD

    I agree... but being vulnerable enough to be blown away is a bad idea :(

  6. yes thats so true indeed...a thought provoking post.

  7. Food for our thoughts :)