Hang on, we're in this together

I have a major writer's block, owing to my sleeplessness and a ridiculously busy schedule. Me having a writer's block means you have to bear with my pointless randomness once again. I promise to keep it from getting nuttier in future!

I came across this photo on deviantart and instantly felt connected to it. It reminds me of life and people and our journey together. Each one of us traveling together but to different destinations. I like to think of this life as a wonderful journey where we have wisdom of the past, moment of present and thrill of the future. Journeys are beautiful, you get to meet strangers. You get to learn from everyone, you just need to have an eye for it. One thing each stranger can teach you is how all of us are connected on the same level.

I'd like to make a lot of friends on the way :)

Just a thought!


  1. Funny. I saw the picture and thought of all of us on a journey, just trying to hang on long enough to get through it.

    My view is kind of dark today. Your view is sunnier. Thank you for bringing some sun into my world.

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  2. thats a gr8 interpretation of that pic. Yes, i wud like to do the same.

  3. its a food 4 thought...........

  4. So true ...this pic reminds of same :)
    If you can write thoughts in writers block nothing like it because i go blank when i have it :D

  5. the pic kinda reminds me of how we r jus someone in the crowd

  6. Mehreen,

    Read 3 posts now. Inspiring quotes. Let us see some of your drawings. People like to pick holes in other's life not looking at their own. Just ignore them and do not get stressed. We all do get writer's block at times, so no sweat. Unwind and then write. Life is certainly a beautiful journey but we tend not to understand this. We meet so many persons enroute, some good some bad but overall it is pleasant.

    Take care

  7. Awh, happens to the best. =)
    But yes, that is a nice thought. We're all in this together, making amazing, making magic.

  8. It reminds me of how we should all hang on or get lost in the shuffle of life and or the crowd.. hmmm I like your point better you see the sunny side of things!!

    Great pics sweetum!

  9. Hello madam...
    U call THIS writer’s block????????
    Please let it be then...
    A beautiful thought n an outstanding pic:-)
    And you don’t have to make efforts to make friends...
    You’ll pull them to u any which way!

    Stay the same Mehreen

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