A Thousand Years - Sunday Scribblings

That's how this age old tale goes. It starts with a  boy falling hopelessly in love with a girl. A new story begins. Probably the best you and I have heard in quite some time. The story takes your breath away. You swoon and sigh with it as the young couple fights the odds just to be together. The best part of this story is the end; there is no end to this tale. Each ending entails a new beginning.

It takes you on a joy ride -- for a thousand years or so. Lovers dream of the perfect fantasy, where a love starts as early as the time when your cheeks still flush with the colors of innocence, when the heart knows no malice, when there are no grays.

She sips her coffee when she notices the imprints of the mug on paper. Tracing it with her fingers, she remembers their first coffee together when life began; the first time she opened her eyes to something so beautiful that would only grow from here and now. It beats, it sets her free. It gives her wings and she wants to fly!

A thousand years of love - that's just about it. May be more, if we are lucky.

May you find the love of your life. Oh, and a Happy Thousand-Years to you! :)