A Girl's Wish List: Hair, Nails, Wardrobe and Bags!

{I so love kitties, sigh!}

So I'm jobless these days. What the heck. I am enjoying the craziest of routines I have ever had in my life. Staying up all night watching horror movies or something really crappy on YouTube, sleeping at the brink of dawn, (obviously) waking up late, only to resume reading a romantic novel I bought second hand. No, no, let me make this VERY clear I'm not a romantic-novel-girl. I detest them. Personally I kinda think they are silly, especially the ones in which the girl is excessively pretty and the guy is hopelessly handsome and all they ever wanna do is make love *rolls eyes* I'm too old to believe love is like that. I'm reading such stuff just for the silly fun of it. Mindless I am these days, mindless I tell you. My mind is on vacation and I'm in no mood for a serious job hunt. That can wait till the time I'm ready to give it my 100% devotion once more. I'm thinking a lot, day dreaming about the things I need to do once I take charge again. I can do all that even now, but the real fun lies in doing it all by yourself, on your own pocket. The feeling of being self sufficient and independent is amazing! It's like a habit. And if you happen to be married, it tends to become a bad habit. So here goes my top ten things I want to do in no particular order:

1. I want a brand new hair cut.I've never tried many different things with my hair because I fear damaging them. Girls out there would know there's nothing like what a totally new hair cut can do when she wants a change! So I have the most expensive place in my mind already (how vain!) because I want it leave it to the professionals to treat me to something divine!

2. Dye my hair deep burgundy. I don't even know if it will suit me or not, but hey, what's wrong in trying? If not a burgundy then a fresh shade of brown will do.

3. Change my wardrobe. Completely. From scratch. Yes I mean it. And yes, I want to have a brand new stock of high heels. Deep red shades, very sexy.

4. Nail Art. Found a girl who does nail art in Lahore. Don't know about the rest but she does pretty well. I'm gona get it done and yes, I'm gonna show it off on my blog and not worry if I seem cheap in any way *LOL*
(Psst... I have a lot of nail art ideas coming up on my blog, ladies. Stay tuned!)

5. Curl up my hair. It's what I've always and always and always wanted since I was a little girl. I have LOVED the idea of curly hair. Curly, burgundy hair? Sounds awesome, doesn't it?

6. Learn pencil sketching properly. Haven't seen my artwork yet? Click HERE to check it out and tell me what you think about it.

7. Completing my masters and I wanna do it the best way I can, acing of course. (I feel a little embarrassed coming to my masters part so later in this list!) :D

8. Write a book. Well, this has nothing to do with me having a job or not; and it isn't something I can get done in a few days either. This is a long term plan. No harm in adding it to this list anyway.

9. See the world. I wanna go see the world with the royalties my book will give me. Yes I expect the book to be a hit! ;-) Optimism!

10. Have a rocking website someday. I'll be one of those famous writers who have a personal website address given on the back cover :P More site hits for me that way! Oh yes, and employing SEO as well. Do you know I have lately crossed an all time hits of 100,000 on this site? Cheers!!

I know this all sounds so vain, so extravagant and I may appear to be just like any spend thrift. But hey, you will never get to be 24 again!! Okay so I'm not 21 anymore but what the heck... I'm not gonna be 24 either! Better enjoy it while it lasts, girl. 

Have a (vain-as-boys-call-it) wish list? Feel free to blog about it and share one here too!
Pucker up to some girl powa, guys! ;-)


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