DIY: 12 Nail Art Designs You Can Try At Home

Nail art has become very popular with women in the last couple of years. You don't need difficult designs on your nails, sometimes very simple ones look most graceful. There are so many you can try at home and they don't much time either.

Take a look at our collection of some easy nail art designs from around the Web. Each comes with a tutorial. Just follow those steps and you're good to go. 

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Strawberry Nail Art

Finger tipped strawberries are ubber cute! Girlish red with a touch of reviving green. 
Try this one out.


Light Bright Nail Art

Blue with this silver gives it a classy, mature look. Head over to the tutorial to see how.



Zig Zag Style Nail Art

Zig zag, snip snap! Lovely to go with a bright colored get up.


Falling Stars Nail Art

Wow! This one seems perfect for a night out with friends. Shining stars and a lady that shines like a star!



Retro Style Pink Nail Art

Retro never goes out of fashion, even though it reminds you of the great times gone by. The inner curve gives it a delicate, retro touch. Easy to do; I bet it takes hardly 10 minutes to make this design.



Beach Ball Nail Art

Are you ready for summer? This beach ball inspired nail art is great for summers. 
Show off your love for color, cheer and lots of sun!



Snow White Inspired Sweet Poisoned Apples Nail Art

With Snow White And The Huntsman raging at the box office, this snow white inspired apple nail art is just for you if you're a fan of the movie or simply cheering for Kristen for her brand new block buster.



Champagne and Caviar Nail Art - A Touch Of Gold

You said you wanted classy? Take a look at this design. Classy, stylish, glamorous. I'm definitely trying out this one.
What about you?



Newspaper Nail Art - Pink

Newspaper nail art has been around the Internet for quite some time now and we still can't get enough of it!
Here's one for you in a pink base...



Newspaper Nail Art - White

... and here's another in white base.



Rainbow Effect Nail Art

This design can practically go along with any color combination you're wearing. It takes less than 10 minutes to make this one and the best part it, you get to keep it for days because it mixes so well with almost all colors!
Just remember to take proper care of your nail art to keep it from chipping off.



Let That Sparkle Nail Art

Simple, elegant and so feminine. This is another neutral colored design that you can try.
What do you think about this nail art?


Which one are you going to try?
Remember, if you like them, be sure to share some with your girlies!

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