I Got My Free Eye Wear From Firmoo.com!

Guess what popped in my mail box one day? A beautiful pair of glasses! That's right. Want to know how I got them? Here's how.

I would cut it short and to the point.

A couple of days back someone from Firmoo.com emailed me. It seemed pretty much like one of the usual emails where they asked me to review their product and as a gift, they will send me their product for free.

They said I needn't necessarily be a US resident to avail their  offer and furthermore, that I will get my pair beforehand. They sent me a form to fill out with my particulars and postal address and said that I could pick out any glasses fro their collection! That sounded appealing, and these are the glasses that I chose. I was already looking out for some girly frames and this was it. I ordered the one in burgundy; lately I've been so attracted to that color. I sent them the filled form and practically forgot all about it, since there are so many similar offers on the internet. Exactly 1 week afterwards, I got a call early morning from the postal office telling me that a parcel has arrived for me. It was with amazement that I went to collect my "parcel".

I came home so excited and saw a complete glasses frame inside. Not only were the glasses better than I accepted, they came with a glass case and a leather pouch. Other than that the package included a cleaning cloth and some spare screws. I paid no charges for delivery at all.  The whole package was completely free! Wow!

I was impressed with their quick delivery and their friendly attitude over the emails we exchanged in this process. I personally recommend you to check out their website Firmoo.com. Although they asked me write a review for them, I enjoyed this whole process so much that I personally think you should try it out as well. 

The best part is, the have A WHOLE SECTION OF FREE GLASSES! It's so easy. Just try out any of their free glasses and see if you like them. You can buy more of you want or just keep the free ones. That's really cool.

Want to see my glasses? Here you go.

Remember to check out Firmoo.com if you're interested.

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