DIY: Hair Color Dyes To Chalk Up At Home!

Hair colors are way of adding up more color on your overall appearance. But while a normal hair dye would stay on for months (depending on dye quality), having a different, unconventional hair color might pose a problem. For example, your new funky pink hair dye might not go with a certain color you are wearing. That's where chalking hair dyes come it. And we do mean chalk. Using a common chalk of your favorite color, you can dye your hair for the evening party and wash it all up later and then add another, totally different color the next day.

Check out a few tutorials on these hair styles with a few ideas to enhance your imagination.

DIY Perfect Pastels Hair Dye
If you're looking for something chic and fabulous in your long hair, this is the look for you.
See tutorial ahead to try this at home.

DIY Ombre Hair
Ombre hair seem to be the new thaang! Try this ombre hair tutorial at home and enjoy the look.

DIY Rainbow Hair Dye
Nice one indeed. A bit of rainbow on your hair tips.

DIY Hot Pink Dip Dyed Hair

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The hot pink style was so in when Avril Lavigne dyed a strand of her hair pink. Apparently it isn't completely out of style yet. Pink will always be in for teen girls, it seems.

DIY Rainbow Hue Dye
A variation of "Perfect Pastels Hair Dye" from point 1. Seems just to apt for long and curly hair.

Check out some neat ideas to do with these do-it-yourself hair dyes:

Doesn't this look neat in a pony tail?
I think I will try this one.

This is so punk!

Chic, chic, chic! Especially the look for you if you've got curly hair like her!

Love the way the color shows when in a braid, as well as in the top bun style!

Try these at home and tell us what you think.

If you loved these ideas, share it with your girlies and enjoy the variations you can come up with.

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