Ramadan; What Did It Leave Behind In You?

Belated Eid Mabrook to everyone!

The blessed month of Ramadan has left us. Though we are sad, but we are also glad that it left us as better human beings. Ramadan brings with it so much festivities where we Muslims rejoice in praying for Allah Almighty. Everyone makes a hasty effort to collect as many neki (good deeds) as possible as they can. It is not selfish to be hasty in this endeavor, for Allah loves those who want to please Him. Being away from my family and friends, they were all so near my heart, joined in prayer. We all were chanting the same words, looking at the same sky, heads bowed in prayers, reading the same Quran and thinking the same things. Ramadan is one of the beautiful times when all Muslims, regardless of their color, race, language, unite hearts. Such a glorious gift from Allah! 

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Ramadan has now gone, but Insha'Allah, God willing, it will return for us next year. Do not forget what it taught you this year. Do not lose the teachings of compassion to one another and submission to Allah Almighty. If you are troubled, make Him your secret sharer. And if, Masha'Allah, you are happy and content, do not forget to thank Him. Strive to be amongst His favorites, the people who He chose to bless in bounty. Fear Him and make utmost efforts to defeat shaytaan. The wisdom of this life is keeping in mind the next. Know that you will be accountable for each and everything and you will automatically set all your matters straight.

In the end, this life which at times seems so big and magnanimous, is in fact a very small fraction of what is to come. What Allah wants to see is how we balance the two, this wordly life and the aakhirah. He is ever willing to guide us and to forgive us if we fall astray. Our Lord is a Pardoning Lord, Who loves to pardon. 

May He grant us the wisdom of this life and the next and the courage of choosing every right over every wrong. Ameen!

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