The Best DIY Gift Wrap Collection On The Internet - Tutorials and Ideas

Gifts are a wonderful way to cultivate relationships with friends and family. While handmade gifts seem to convey our wishes in the best way, handmade gift wraps are equally impressive. I love it when a friend or family member gifts something handmade to me. It shows how much they care. Gift wraps add another personal touch to the gift. I go through all my craft supplies every time I plan to give a gift to someone and will try to come up with something original and handmade for gift wrapping. The receiver's appreciation on that extra bit of effort makes it all worth it.

Sharing small collections of DIYs from over the internet is so my thing! So here I have come up with a collection of the 30 best gift wrap DIY from around the internet. They are simple, quick, fun to follow and to look at; but best of all, most of them are really cheap to make.

Have fun with this collection, and if you like making these gift wraps, please hit the share button! :)

1- DIY Tissue Paper Bow For Gift Wraps

This one is my personal favorite. Quick to make, all you need are a few tissue papers in nice, bright colors. They can add a wonderful look to your otherwise plain gift wrap.

2- DIY Paper Wreaths for Your Gift Wrap

Wreaths no longer need to a tough craft to master. These paper wreaths are quick and easy; and look how they add a simple touch to a small gift box.

3- Gift Wrap DIY Pillow Boxes

Use these pillow boxes to gift small accessories or jewelry. You will be surprised at how easy these are. Depending upon the size of the object, pillow boxes can be made for all sizes ranging from very small to small to medium.

4- DIY Valentine's Day Gift Wrap

Sending a gift to a special someone? Then you can add all the sentiments you need with this radiant felt heart. Doesn't it just ooze love all over the place? This is a perfect gift wrap for Valentines' day.

5- DIY Chalkboard Gift Tags

Chalkboard tags are a fun way to customize a gift. Follow this DIY gift wrap tutorial to 'chalk' up a little amusement right on top of your gift!


6- DIY Fabric Tags for Gift Pouch

Fabrics make a huge difference when it comes to lightening up a dull gift wrap. Instead of throwing away useless fabric pieces the next time, save them up. Follow this simple tutorial to learn how to use these to make personalized gift wraps.


7- DIY Pyramid Gift Boxes

Like with the pillow box gift wraps, these pyramid gift boxes make a wonderful way to gift small objects like jewelry, earrings or something short and sweet,


8- DIY Lucky Plant Gift Wrap

I've always wondered how to wrap up a gift plant. Common sense I guess ;) Use this technique to wrap up plants or anything circular like a vase, may be.


9- DIY Cupcake Paper Gift Carnations

Don't throw away cupcake covers the next time around and you can get yourself a cheap, super easy gift wrap idea. Ideally, colorful cupcake paper would be best, but even if you've got a plain white one, you can always paint them to match your gift wrapping sheet.


10- DIY Newspaper Gift Wrap

Old newspaper lying around the house? Make yourself a super cheap gift wrap. Just follow the tutorial below!


11- DIY Festive Season Gift Wrap by Forever21

This one is my personal favorite. This simple, easy to follow tutorial is from Forever21 and I just love the colors they've picked for this gift. I have to try this one!


12- DIY Watercolor Paper Poppies for Gift Wraps

Transform a boring gift bag into something happy and sunshine-like! These paper poppies are a wonderful addition to it and the happiness just shows!


More DIY Gift Wrap IDEAS

There is so much awesomeness on the Internet, I wish there was a way to add up everything here! Here are some ideas and inspirations as to how you can add more variety and color to your handmade, personalized gift wraps. Most of them are mild variants of the gift wraps shown in the above tutorials. Trust me, your friends are so going to love your gift wraps!

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I've always had this thing for a black and white combo. This one just looks great!

Forgot to buy a gift bag? Here's how to come up with your own gift bag if you've got a spare gift wrapping sheet lying around the house.

DIY Gift Wrap - Dipping Confetti

Don't you just love these colors?

This is a neat way to gift wrap for the festive season. It's simple, quick and so cheap.
Use old newspaper and either cut out or print name initials tag. Get a string to match and you're done!

Christmas Gift Wrap Inspiration

Use unused (crochet) lace to come up with this one. This one speaks femininity!

Another gift wrap style that I would call "womanly"!

Here's how to make the perfect ribbon bow. Now, isn't this article super useful? ;) 

Another idea for the festive season, use cinnamon sticks and a ribbon on a plain gift exterior. See how it transforms!

Or you can use old maps which would otherwise go to the bin! Add a string or ribbon for effect.

Or you can make this really cool rainbow hue out of ordinary strings. Just brilliant!

And... here we go again. Following one above, this is another way to do up for gift bows. Neat!

Make your own wrapping sheet if you like. It's as simple as adding white dots, but in symmetry, please!

More bows!

Or make your own paper lace by cutting up your favorite shapes (or the one below) and using a punch card to punch in holes.

Another way to make your own gift wrapping sheet...

And.... if all else fails, a little green is enough to light up almost anything. Even your gift wraps :)

Did you have fun on this gift wrapping activity with me? I sure did! Try these fun ways and see how happy this makes your loved ones. 

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