Weightloss Wednesdays -- Week 2: Walking Away

Welcome to this week's edition of Weightloss Wednesday, the little space that I use every Wednesday for all of us to help us with our weightloss journey together!

Taking walks alone is spending quality with myself. The weight loss comes as an added benefit! Today I will tell you some known tidbits about my love of walking as I see it.

re-posting this image; seems so darn apt for these series!

  1. Don't take your walk as a chore. If you do that, chances are that you'll end up quitting it sooner than you expect.
  2. I walk religiously for one hour. I give my legs ample time to get used to the movement since they have been lazing all day. First 15 minutes is just brisk walk. The second 15 minutes is sort of a buffer period where I try to push myself to walking a little faster. If my leg muscles still can't take up pace, I give them some more time in these 15 minutes and build up to it gradually. Once the last half an hour starts, I pick up the max pace that I can get to.
  3. Make a "Walk" playlist. Add all your favorite songs to it. The slow songs can be played in the start of the activity. Save the faster, louder tracks for the last half an hour. If you're having trouble building pace, use a relatively fast song that you enjoy and make an effort to walk to its beat. I used to play Please don't stop the music by Rihanna over and over.
  4. Water during walks? I don't have the right answer to this one. Can anyone help me with this? I've heard myths saying drinking while you're body is hot can give you a bulging tummy; I don't want to take the risk.
  5. Are you stressed? Depressed? That's no excuse missing out on your work out routine. Exercise of any form is known to help you cure those feelings. It even cures PMS. Do I see eyes rolling? *LOL* Go and google on this one. The web is filled with loads of articles on how exercise practically does wonders to your mind and body.

Walking is my greatest stress buster. It's that ONE whole hour I get to spend with myself and think over things in my life. The one hour I owe completely to myself when I can forget all errands, all chores I need to do, all tasks I have to run to one after the other. My family understands they can get by without me for one hour. It's a ME-Time and I'm thankful they understand it. I am going through an emotionally rough patch and I have been using physical activity to get over it. So for this week, it's just been walk for me. 

My dad always puts it this way,
"Any activity is better than no activity!"
Let that be your motto ladies. It helps you go a long way in keeping it that way.

We all are here because either we have something to share or because we want to learn something. I urge you to participate in this post if you have anything informative and useful to share. Thanks a ton! :)

Be back next Wednesday when I update you with my experiments and tips. I will strive to bring something new to you.

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  1. What a great idea! I'll be following you now (thanks to Friendly Friday) Maybe you'll help me. Get this baby weight off.

    Life unexpected: Adventures of a SAHM

  2. I love that picture! I posted it on Pinterest last week LOL

    Thanks for linking up at Wonder Wednesday!

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