13 Things Girls Want Guys To Know

1. Don't be all over us. We like a little challenge every once in a while. If you make yourself look too available, you end up looking desperate. We like the courting game to linger on a bit before we settle down in a romantic routine.

2. One of the best ways to make up to us is to tell us how beautiful we are and how we fill your otherwise boring life with colors. Chics dig compliments! ;)

3. You don't have to buy us expensive gifts. We love the little things far better than the big stuff that screams pompousness after a while. Sometimes, it's the tiniest thing that has us falling heads over heels in love with you.

4. We are perfect homemakers. We're born to do that sometime down the line. And though we always seem to have a problem with how you work in the kitchen, sitting in front of the television leaving it all up to us isn't the solution either. Okay go ahead and watch the tele, but be sure to stay tuned to all the efforts we put in for you in the kitchen. It keeps us happy and makes us want to do better for you.

5. We like to be swirled into a sudden couple dance in the middle of our tv lounge, at the oddest times, to a sappy, mushy number. And when we're done, we want to tip up on our bare toes and give you a kiss for being such a romantic.

6. You don't always have to be so dressed up. We love it when you look lazy and casual. It drives us mad.

7. We can put up with everything, absolutely everything, except a bad body odor. Bad breath's worse. Seen all those "Axe" ads where all girls go gaga over a single man whose wearing the perfume? Even if he's not hot? Or those minty tooth paste ads where the girl seems to get hooked up with a guy who has an awesome fresh breath? Well, there're not all bluff you know. Pay attention.

8. So you're least favorite sport is shopping. But we love it when you take out time to spend a day with us shopping and even better, participating in it generously in helping us find the color that's perfect for us. We're modern women and we are independent. We're smart shoppers, you know. Just come along and we will really appreciate your interest in something just because it interests us.

9. We think you're sexy when you're shaving, fixing things, wearing a white T-shirt and jeans, driving, and when you're holding a baby. We love it when you're sweaty. Gives us all sorts of nasty thoughts! 

10. We want to hear "I love you" as often as we can but make sure you mean it when you say it. When you don't mean it, it shows and nothing hurts more than an empty confession of love. 

11. We love it when you hold our hands in public. It's something all of us girls secretly drool about. We want to know you're possessive about us and we want it to show too! Hold our hands, pass a comment in our ear, make us laugh to a joke that's just meant for us both. We want you to be very much aware of our presence even in public, and we want you to show me off to the world like your pretty diamond!

12. Trust us and let us trust you. It's better to leave us than to cheat. Don't lie. It's better to hurt us with the truth than to comfort us with a lie. Yes, we mean it.

13. And most importantly, respect us and respect our individuality. Respect our principles, respect our dreams and respect our body. Don't look at us as a mere body but look at us with a person full of strengths and weakness just like yourself. If you respect us as a woman of substance, you will get a woman of substance back. And if you respect our family and loved ones, well, then you've just earned yourself the most loyal partner! 

This list is barely done! Wanna add more?
What's the thing you want your man to know? 

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