Lost And Found - Wonderful Wednesday

I would like to know
what it feels to be lost. 
Because when you are lost,
you find things you never
expected to find.

The funny thing about
getting lost is
that the things you find
were there all along.
Isn't it strange?

A journey on lost and found
will be quite a thrilling one.
I wonder what you will find,
I wonder who will you find.
I wonder who will you recognize.

Maybe you will return
a changed person.
Maybe you will come back
with a subtle knowledge of
who you were all along.

If you chance to get lost
once in your lifetime,
I hope you find
the person you truly are or
the person who makes you find you.

Wait, was this a poem?

In case you're wondering, no it isn't. This is just a regular writing exercise for me where I sit and think over what a certain image brings to my mind. I let the words flow regardless of any constraints of word selection and rhyme. Sometimes it turns out great, sometimes it falls apart like lose strings. Either way, it's a wonderful exercise for creativity to flourish. If you are experiencing a writer's block or just can't get into a writing routine due to any reason, practice this exercise to help you get started. Cheers!

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