The Power Of A Deed

I am thrilled to experience the power of a deed that we humans carry. You are more susceptible to this knowledge once you step out of comfort zone.

I recently moved country. The experience was exciting as well as a little stressful. The stressful part of this journey lied in fear of the unknown. But what made my husband's and my heart confident was the fact that we had a loving family and a really good meaning group of friends behind. When you live outside your hometown, you have this family-like feeling for people belonging to the same place as you. A common city makes the bond seem stronger; an old classmate or an old colleague even closer. Such was our case. We had an amazing group of friends that were also like a very cool support system. The love and care we shared with these friends was on a very shared basis. Like family.

What I mean is, doing a good deed to someone, be it as little as a kind word spoken, has a wonderful effect on you as a person as well. We like to know that we are liked and that makes us more positive, more happy and more optimistic. Never miss out a chance to say a kind word, a good deed or a helping hand to anyone you meet in life, let alone a friend. What you give to them comes back manifold. It adds to your own personal beauty. It shapes you as someone bright and cheerful.

The photo I used in this post definitely carries a much deeper meaning, but for me, it talked about friendship, love and caring. The power of a deed goes a long way off. Give it out generously, fully and openly. 

Till next time!

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