DIY: 18 Crafty Bookmarks Tutorials and Ideas

These Do-It-Yourself crafts will come as a treat to all book lovers out there. Being a book lover myself, I tried these fun bookmarks the minute I could get hold of my crafts supplies. Not only are these bookmark ideas adorable to look at, the making process is equally fun as well. You can either gift this to a friend who loves books, or you can make for yourself and enjoy your reading experience. The best part is, most of the supplies used in these tutorials make use of idle things lying around useless in your house.

I have tried to compile a set of basic but varied types of bookmarks for you from countless other such examples available on the internet. I hope you enjoy them; and if you do, please share them with your friends as well :)

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More Bookmark Ideas!!!

We know that a crafty mind has no limits. Lucky for us, we have endless ideas and inspirations.
Here are a few more DIY bookmark ideas to keep your creative juices flowing. Have fun!

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You can easily make these types of bookmarks by holding onto ice cream sticks. Use a fine black pointer to make the faces and color using sharp colored markers. Make sure the sticks are completely dry before making any design on them. These are super simple and very funny.


You can get fine quality print outs of clip art off your computer and back 'em up with a light cardboard or a thick paper for support. Enjoy these fun faces (or whatever design you chose) while you read.


This is probably one the simplest and quickest bookmarks you can come up with at home. If you have small pieces of ribbon lying idle around the house, tie them up with paper clip and you've made yourself a neat little bookmark! Colored paper clips add more effect.


Are you a Hunger Games fan? Cut out paper strips from an old book and back it up with a thick paper or a light cardboard for support. You can either draw anything symbolic to the Hunger Games, like a mockingjay, or you can use a stamp. Add a ribbon for color.


Simple to make, these butterfly bookmarks uses plain ribbons with two butterfly shaped layers of paper on one end. The underlying paper comes with a pattern or design of your choice. The second (shorter) paper lies on top of it, with your favorite message like "Read me" or "I love reading", etc.

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