How To Create A New Blog On Blogger

So by now, you know you want to write a blog and have perhaps outlined some details of it as well like its title and the topic of your content. In this step, we will learn how to set up a free blog using Google's free blogging service called Blogger.

Setting up a new blog with Blogger is very easy and requires as little as three to four steps. Depending on the blogging platform you use, these steps may vary to some extent but for now we will focus on Blogger. Follow these simple steps to get started.

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Getting Started with Blogger with your Google Account

To get started, all you need is a Google account. Visit the page and login with your Google credentials.

Step 1: New Blog

Once you sign in, on Blogger home screen, click on "New Blog" button as shown in the figure below. (Click on the image to open and enlarge)

Step 2: Blog Title

In this step you are required to enter blog title. This can be anything of your choice but one thing to keep in mind is that it shouldn't be too arbitrary or dull as to lure off a potential reader. A blog title should be short and preferably unique as well as loyal to the whole concept of your blog. (Click on the image to open and enlarge)

For more details on how to choose a good blog title, read our article How To Start A Blog.

Step 3: Blog URL

Select a blog URL for your blog in the step. Your blog URL should be unique and easy to remember. As you enter an address, Blogger calculates its availability. (Click on the images to open and enlarge)

Here in the following image, the user has entered a URL that is available.

Step 4: Create Your Blog!

After giving a carefully thought of blog title and a unique blog URL, click on the "Create Blog" button at the end of the dialog box. (Click on the image to open and enlarge)

Blogger shows a blog creation success message at the end.

You are ready to start posting/designing your blog right away!

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