Weightloss Wednesdays -- Week 1: Get Motivated!

Yikes I have gained too much weight!!! Where did this muffin top come from?? How I hate it when I pose for pictures and have to delete so many just because I look like a sweet tooth fatty in each one? Grrrr!!! That's it. No more pitying your looks, no more fighting yourself over the calorie-loaded cup cake in front of you or resolving with yourself over how much sugar or cream should go into your coffee. It's time to take control!! Yes, I mean it!! I'm going to take charge, walk till I tire my ass off, and start eating fruits and salads.

Starting this week, I'm gonna share my weight loss journey with you in the hope that you find the inspiration to do it too and I find the motivation and pressure needed to keep going at it. Follow my new Weight loss Wednesdays series, where I'll sincerely share a new weight loss tip that worked for me in the last week. Your more than welcome to tag along and share your progress with me too. We can learn from each other. 

"I need a strong motivation.
It's gonna be take a lot of will power!"

pun intended! 

Seriously, what better motivation does a girl have than to BE SLIM? Girls wanna look good, no matter what the age. When they're sure they look good, it adds a boom to their confidence. That hold true for every person, no doubt about that. But there has to be more solid reasons than that in order to lose a large amount of weight and to keep it that way, health issues topping the list for sure! Here's my top five reasons that will keep me motivated.

5. To feel better about myself in more than one way.
4. So I can shop for anything I like rather than having to see what really fits me.
3. To be able to do cardio with a good stamina and feel great doing it! I love the feeling of being firm and strong.
2. To know that I'm in control of my body instead of the other way round.
1. To have a good heart and a good health and keeping it that way for many years to come!

I've been doing a mix of cardio and stretching for the past month. Initially, the weight dropped considerably without me having to cut down on proper, fair sized meals. Now it seems like I'll have to add more bits to it.

Be back next Wednesday when I update you with my experiments and tips. I will strive to bring something new to you.

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