Capturing Perfection

I've known nothing but perfect love. It's just the way I'm built. And no matter how crazy or weird it gets, things eventually fall into place. Building software systems and testing them, I found no matter how hard we try, we cannot make a system to the perfection of a cent-percent-brilliance. But the system made by the Almighty is perfect in every sense of the way. Everything balances out its opposite. And everything, absolutely everything is made to fit into the larger picture.

I have given up being a control freak a long time back and I was amazed to see how relieving it was. Tell yourself that some things are bound to happen while some things are just not meant to be. You can try, and all your struggle can either bring fruit or go down the drain. It hurts, some times it goes way more than just a four letter word h-u-r-t. But leave it. Shush. Leave it. Let go. Open your hands and give your troubles over in God's safe hands. Let Him take care of them for you. Relieve yourself of the worry, the control-it-syndrome. Stay human.

So, like I said, I believe there's a perfect love indeed, even when half the population of the planet complains about how unfair life is. There is never a single day I don't find something to bring me a smile. And yes, there isn't a single night that goes dreamless. Pain, hurt, sorrow, gloom, poverty, tyranny exists because there is happiness, love, kindness, purity, honesty, faith, hope, tolerance and compassion to contrast to that. Without this contrast, could you tell the difference?

Perfect love exists. Seize it!

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