No Place Left In Heaven

How would you feel if you opened your eyes to see your body lying on the floor and a horrifying realization dawns upon you that you are so-very-dead and TRAPPED!? Yikes! You see all the people you care about going about their daily chores, they have moved on, life has moved on, it's only you who is stuck at a dot where there is no touch, no sound, no sense of time and space. You are just one invisible lot of immense cold. And with time, you start growing hands and arms, a head hovering in thin air but that's all the reflection you can get off the full length bedroom mirror. Freaky? Totally!

I'm reading Her Fearful Symmetry by Audrey Niffenegger, inspired by her International bestseller, The Time Traveler's Wife. The above lines are from one of the characters in Her Fearful Symmetry. The Time Traveler's Wife was a splendid book. It spoke to me on different levels, but mainly on the level only women can connect. Ah I think I'm gonna go and watch the movie finally. Never was able to have the courage of seeing the movie, the book was just too perfect for me. Tonight shall be it! I need a dose of mushiness and romance tonight because I just dread the thought of a Monday and a loooong week ahead. (In case any of my bosses are reading this, I love my work! Completely!!)

Clare, Henry, here I come! Promise to sweep me off my feet tonight because I just love your love story!

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