Find Yourself, Baby

It feels like the whole world is bare open before my eyes for me to look and understand and take it in. I've always lived in a protected shell, and ended up being conned in the very place I called home. My heart leaps outward and my eyes search elsewhere. I'm looking at bigger plans, better people and a place of my own, sought out of my very own effort. The challenges only make you stronger, the set backs make you better and a loved one's treachery only makes you a better fighter. So go find yourself. Ah, this map just makes my heart swoon with delight. Just look at this huge space filled with opportunities and swarming with wonderful, wonderful, wonderful people! Look at all the places you can go sight seeing to, all the people you can meet and so much knowledge still left for you to absorb. Ladies and gentlemen, say hello to 2012. Let this year leave you with a better, braver, happier person. Happiness is not around you, it's inside you; why are you straying elsewhere? I'm on a roller coaster ride. How many people actually get a second chance at life? And do you know the key to living the best way? Don't let that beautiful heart of yours carry hate and malice. It's meant to hold love and tenderness. Don't lose that. Don't lose God's Personal Touch in you. 

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