Waking Up To Dreams

No the image does not go with the post. I just love these booties, that's all ;-)

After much thinking, I have finally settled for the theme of my debut book. I love writing short stories and the part I enjoy the most in them is making seemingly small moments as monumental as they really are sometimes. Please check out my selection of short stories here on the perfect line on the "Short Stories" link on the top menu bar. If you get time to read any of them, please take out a minute or two and leave a comment for any feedback you may have, any area you think needs improvement. Just pick one whose title grabs your attention. It would be so great if you could! 

So, it's like I was putting off writing this first book that I had so much heart into because I wanted to have the perfect person to share it with. No time wasting trying to decide who would be the perfect one to name on my dedications page. This dream is mine to create, and my parents to have and enjoy, wholly. Life waits for no one, then what am I waiting for? I'm a go getter now and I love the new me! God willing, you're soon going to know me by my soon-to-be hard cover book in your favorite book store! 

P.S. Thank you SO MUCH for the email messages, especially new year wishes, comments and your participation on my Facebook fan page. I'm very tight on schedule these days with a full time job that takes so much of time but which I absolutely love. I try my best to respond to all your emails, and will be back to replying to all your comments one by one. Just that for now, I need to focus a bit more on my career, since I'm learning new things every day. You guys are just awesome! *mwah!*

You know how to reach me.

- WarmSunshine

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