5 Ways To Do Up A Winged Eye Liner **with inspiration**

Getting a winged eye liner is a difficult task. Despite my doing it for several months, I still can't get it right most of the times and have to re-apply again and again to get the perfect shape. Luckily, since winged eye liner make up is back in fashion, there are many tips and tricks available on the Internet to help us get the perfect shape and size for a winged eye liner. Whoever said this eye make up style was out of style needs to know that it is always in style, always so chic, always endlessly feminine.

Check out how you can get a winged eye liner look all by yourself and be a star for the evening.

I personally think this way is better.
Make an outline first with a finer eye pencil and then fill in.

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Another way to do this.

Still another...

I dig this one, this is perfect for an evening out.

Isn't it so simple?? Check out more inspiration for a winged eye liner look!

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