Capricorn Zodiac Traits; The Powerful Goat!!

Dear Perfect Liners, we are proud to launch our new sister site, where we are having a little fun with astrology and star signs. Starting this month, we will share posts for every star sign as we enter their regions. This month, it's Capricorn. Enjoy!

Capricorn is the tenth sign of the zodiac and is represented by a goat. It is a feminine negative cardinal earth sign and is ruled by Saturn. Among many qualities, a Capricorn is practical and realistic. Here is a Capricorn star sign, in a snap shot:
Your Lucky Number - 18 
Your Lucky Color - Peacock Blue...

Your Lucky Flower - Snowdrop, Solomon's seal
Your Lucky Gemstone - Garnet
Your Lucky Day - Friday

Want more? Here you go!

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