Classic Briefcases - Fashionably Professional!

Heading off to work in the morning presents a few challenges, and one of them is choosing the right briefcase in which to carry your belongings. Fortunately, that problem is no more with the Saddleback Classic Briefcase

Made out of 100 percent thick full grain boot leather, this briefcase is both stylish and functional.

Now, all of these bags are not crafted in the same manner, and that's an important point because different professionals have various needs. You can choose a medium, large or extra large style, and opt to have either the pigskin lined or the suede lined version of the bag. No matter which one you pick, you'll find plenty of room for all your belongings.

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In a world where you likely have to tote a laptop, plenty of papers, other digital devices and so forth to work with you, you want to be able to carry everything with ease. Sometimes, function will take over with style going to the wayside, but that never has to be the case with this bag. It has a sleek, over the shoulder style. It's much like a messenger bag in that regard, so you always are able to easily maneuver your way down the street or onto the subway.

Choose a color that suits your personality too for the ultimate customized bag. In addition to the selection of Tobacco Light Brown, Carbon Black, Chestnut Reddish Brown or Dark Coffee Brown, you'll also be privy to a 100 year warranty on your bag. 

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