The Connection Between Ariel's Red Hair And The Balding Prince -- None Really!

Don't call me weird but when I was a little girl, I dearly wished to be a mermaid. I was thoroughly taken by the red headed, free spirited Ariel from The Little Mermaid. There have been many nights when I used to pray as hard as I could for God to magically turn me into a mermaid when I woke up in the morning. I actually believed that will happen if I prayed hard enough. Why, I'll be so persuasive God will see how good I am and grant me this humble wish. Surely it will not be a big deal for him. And when I wake up and see that I have grown fins, I'll ask mama not to miss me too much and to set me free into the ocean. I didn't want to think about that part for now, it can be dealt with later. The more important task at hand was to live that free willed, free spirited life, and isn't that such a life demands sacrifices? Surely mama will understand and will move closer to the ocean so we can see and meet each other often. Realizing I had to have a Plan B, in case for some reason God decides not to turn me into a mermaid was to be, what else, but a human. That would be boring. But well, that was another way of being, wasn't it? I missed out being the lovely Ariel and meeting Prince Eric. Not to mention Flounder and Sebastian. Blah! I was crazy or what. Plan A was full of complications but was very rewarding; Plan B was easy, more natural to me and boring :/ No fish friends, no singing and dancing, no mane of flaming red hair, not having a father who was kind of the seven seas, no prince charming, (ahem). I was a sad puppy.

So where does this story lead to? No where actually, except that I got stuck on being a human and it turned out it wasn't so bad. Of course I had pangs of longing of being a mermaid till I was 13, but I eventually got over it. I grew up and tackled a few things and realized I didn't have to be a mermaid or a fish to be free spirited. I could do it right in my own skin and the way I was. It was just a matter of choice that always came with difficulty but was very rewarding. You shape yourself not by the color of your hair or anything you carry or wear. You define yourself simply by the choices you make in life. 

Choose wisely!

P.S. Oh and have a Plan B, please. In case you mess up! Disney has this way of tampering with your child's ability to distinguish between real and absurd notions. You have been warned, parents!

P.P.S. This write up does not guide you into the How-To's of getting a Prince Charming. There aren't many. One of them is bald and already married, the other is hardly one for looks. Look elsewhere.

--Prompted at: Sunday Scribblings - Plan B

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