Lights will guide you home, and ignite your bones, and I will try... to fix you...

There must be a perfect love out there somewhere, the kind of love which leaps up into anything and everything for you. I'm sure it's not something out of this world, because there are so many people who have lived their whole lives together and have grown old together. I know at my age, things like love and life are totally overrated. And I also know that at my age, it's gona be just about one of these days that I'll wake up with a thoroughly practical view of how love should be lived in this life. I'll wait for that day when finally my mind will rule my emotions and it will all get easy.

Till that day comes, I guess I'll enjoy this joy ride no matter how absurd it gets. This is a 17 year old speaking from the mouth of a 24 year old: I know there's love out there, the kind that saves you from perdition and restores you to yourself. The kind that holds hands and closes eyes, the kind that leave love notes under the pillow and the kind that gifts flowers. The kind that kisses you to sleep and wake you to more kisses. The kind that makes every happiness worth while and every sadness seem as the passing phase it surely is. The kind that make you feel like a woman and a girl all at the same time, intimate, close and so very dear. There must be a rainbow for each and every one of us; may we all get to see our dreams with that someone special and not without one. You are beautiful to someone.

Good luck. Both of you.