Blogger Dynamic Views Are Finally Here!

The much awaited change to Blogger's look and feel is finally here! And it is sure to compete with the likes of Tumblr, Wordpress and Facebook.

In Blogger's blog post published just yesterday, they have officially announced Blogger's new interface that promises to "bring you a much improved and modernized Blogger". Built with the latest technology, say good bye to old, boring way of reading a blog and say hello to a whole new experience in interactive blogging! And the best part is, being a blogger, all your old blog posts get front page attention too!

The new blogger is faster, more streamline, and user friendly. A couple of clicks here and there and all your posts from way back then loads in front of your reader in an attractive way that compels him to read more and more of your blog.

How to Activate:
To activate, follow the navigation: Blogger Dashboard > Design > Template Designer > Templates and choose "Dynamic Templates" in this section. Click the "Apply to Blog" blog to make your changes effective.
Try it out now and see dynamic views working live on your blog. On any time that you wish to revert back to all your old template, you can do so by simply clicking on the link "Revert to previous template" that appears once any dynamic view has been made live on your site.

Layout Options:
You get to choose from seven amazing, completely attractive ways to "share your blog with the world", as Blogger would put.

Classic (Gmail): A modern twist on a traditional template, with infinite scrolling and images that load as you go
Flipcard (M loves M) - Your photos are tiled across the page and flip to reveal the post title
Magazine (Advanced Style) - A clean, elegant editorial style layout
Mosaic (Crosby’s Kitchen) - A mosaic mix of different sized images and text
Sidebar (Blogger Buzz Blog) - An email inbox-like view with a reading page for quick scrolling and browsing
Snapshot (Canelle et Vanille) - An interactive pinboard of your posts
Timeslide (The Bleary-Eyed Father) - A horizontal view of your posts by time period

Making Dynamic Views work for you:
These dynamic views will work for you if:
1. Your blog is public
2. You have enabled your blog for dynamic views
3. Your blog feeds are enabled
If any of these is not true, then you will not be able to activate dynamic views on your site.

I'm really thrilled to use this new update to blogger for a number of different reasons most bloggers out there can well identify with. Template customization to these layouts are not available for now and Blogger promises this feature very soon. Once that's done, I'm sure there are many blogs who are eager to jump off to this next level of building readership on their sites.