Eating Right for Effective Weight loss - Weightloss Wednesdays

Welcome to another edition of Weightloss Wednesdays! I'm back with some tips and tricks for you that will aid you in your weight loss journey. And what's the best thing about these tips? They are all those tiny weensy changes you always knew you needed to make but never got on to actually doing them. I'm one such person so don't worry. Doing it together with a group of friends is the best way to enjoy this. Come on, let's see what I have in store for you today :)

First of all, let me get this straight: losing weight is not easy. It requires consistency, commitment and devotion. You have to keep a constant check on yourself till it all becomes (hopefully) a habit. Once you get into a healthy regime , you will be surprised how and why you denied yourself the goodness of sheer health all this time.  Starting this week, I will share with you three very simple changes you need to make if you want to accelerate your weight loss results. Like I said before, it's nothing what you and I have not heard before, it's just that we haven't stressed upon the importance of actually following it. Let's do ourselves a favor; let's implement it for once and see if it helps. It's a win-win situation anyway.

Of course you knew I was going to come onto this one first, and that explains the urgency of this change. Small adjustments like the following go a long way.

1. Water is life - They weren't wrong when they said so. Water does so much more than just helping us exist and I needn't get into the details. We all know how important it is for our health, skin, digestion, joint lubrication, the list is endless. Not only does it make you feel fuller with an actual zero calorie intake, it helps you curb your urge in case you're addicted to fizzy, sugary drinks. Make it a point to reach at least the eight-glasses-a-day benchmark. If you can drink more than that, well, it couldn't be better.

2. No Cokes or Colas - Do you have any idea how much sugar is loaded into that one bottle of cola? Of course you do. Now start thinking what it's gonna do to your body once it's inside you. It goes straight to your waist, girl! How many drinks do you take in each day? Start multiplying them, let the numbers scare you and then think how much work out would be required to get rid of all that. Am I scaring you now? Good. That's what I wanted to do.

3. Diet drinks are no better - So don't take them as a perfect alternative. Diet drinks have some lingering evilness of toying with our hormones in a bad way and making us feel more hungry. Same goes for artificial sweeteners.

4. Start a meal with a soup or salad - It does wonders when it comes to curbing your appetite and you end up eating less. Try to practice this on a daily basis and see the magic set it! Make sure you use low calorie dressing for salads.

5. Replace desserts with fruits - The perfect way to end your meal is with fruits. You can use smaller portions of your regular meal in order to make room for fruits. Apart from controlling an urge for sweetness, health benefits are plenty. Nature is awesome! Are you imagining yourself slimmer already? ;-)

6. A big no-no to fried goodies - It goes without saying, doesn't it? Turn to a healthier lifestyle and replace the fried food with grilling, boiling, roasting, etc. Experiment with different low fat/ low cal sauces in the market; they are loaded just waiting for you to come and get your hands on them! My personal favorite: lemon dressing.

Didn't I tell you you'll be knowing all this before we ever began? But it's very important to give these small changes a chances for a healthier, better life. Weight loss isn't all about looking good, it's about a ton of health benefits that go with it. Somebody please tell teenage girls weight loss and dieting doesn't mean starving, it means taking in the right thing and the right time and in right proportions. It's way simpler than it sounds. Good health is a gift and every one deserves to enjoy it.

If you manage to weigh lighter by the end of this week as a result of these points, don't forget to share it with us. And yes, celebrate. You deserve it!

Be back next Wednesday for the next step in these CHANGES series. I will strive to bring something new to you.

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