DIY: 8 Trendy Hair Do's That Take Just 10 Minutes!

Hair can accentuate an ordinary get up into something more mesmerizing. Women adore being able to dress up different than all the other ladies at gatherings and parties etc. If you want to look different, all you need is a useful little thing called 'DIY' on the Internet ;)

Styling has never been easier! Take a look at our collection of some really good hair do's that take up less than 10 minutes to create (provided you gain certain fluency after the first couple of times). Enjoy!

Cascade/Waterfall Braid

This is the new trend of the season. Though it looks complex, it's really very easy to make.

It looks wonderful on long hair.

Roll and Twist

This hair do is modern in a classy way. 

Be it a formal party or an ordinary work environment, this one works just fine. Give it a try!

Twisted Ponytail

This is a new twist style that works on any hair long enough for a pony tail.

Braided Bun

This one is my personal favorite.

It's the wonderful feminine look with a hint of casual.

Not too made up and not to clumsy either. There's a perfect balance between the two that makes it slightly alluring.

Katniss Inspired Hunger Games Braid

This has recently became the rage!

Hunger Games female fans must all be dying to try out this one. Go on, see how 'katniss' it looks on you.

How To Style Your Bangs

Have a love for your bangs? I bet you love styling them like I do. This is what I was looking for since I got mine.

Give it a try. Doesn't she look great?


How To Make Your Own Curls

I have always loved curls since I was a little girl. All the lovely Disney princesses used to have a bit of their curls.

Want curls but don't want to expose your hair to excess or artificial heat? Then this tutorial is for you!


The Boho Braid

This one is apt for long hair and looks even better on wavy hair.

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Which one of these are you going to try?

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