10 Best Songs of All Time

Welcome to this week's Tunes I Like Tuesday and see what's on my play list this week.

1. Believe (1998) Cher

I remember when this song made it on the top charts for so many consecutive weeks. I discovered Cher with this number and the tune just stays in your mind longer and longer, every time you hear it! 'Believe' and other songs of the likes took us into a new phase of music starting with the 2000s, slowly making way to digital music.

2. Wannabe (1996) Spice Girls

Who can ever, ever, ever forget this one out of a playlist of 90s hits!? Personally Spice Girls and Boyzone make my favorite pair of girl-boy chemistry. Spice Girls made it big with this song and is still played the most out of all their hits. Kinda like the true girl powa song for you. If you wana be my lover... boys are you listenin'!?

3. Apologize (2007) Timbaland feat One Republic

The perfect song for a blend of awesome music and sentimental lyrics! If you're a music junkie like me, your playlist won't be complete without this one. Why is it that any time you're down, your favorite sad song seems to be playing on the radio? Most of the times, folks, it's this one here. Save Apologize for the last sad song you're playing tonight and the music will just stay with you in a subtle way!

4. Another Brick in the Wall - Part II (1980) Pink Floyd

I've always been a fan of old music because of their class, music, concept and meaningful lyrics. Forgot this one? I'm sure you didn't! 

5. Staying Alive (1978) Bee Gees

The best song for a party any time, any day, whatever the year. Happy, happy tune that just makes you get up and dance. Down in the dumps? Play this one and you will surely be smiling by the end of it! Many remixes of this song are available, but there's nothing like the original one! Rock on!

6. Thriller (1982) Michael Jackson

The song that took the King of Pop's music career to sky high, rocket power success. Thriller doesn't even need mentioning. The song/album not only made this Music Genius a fortune, but sold billions of copies after his death too! Michael Jackson's career is a journey of one star studded performance after another, but there is nothing like Thriller. Nor there will be! 

7. I Will Always Love You (1992) Whitney Houston

The beautiful, beautiful love ballad in the deep, soulful voice of Whitney Houston just takes your breath away. Have you known a selfless love in your life? Did you ever have to let them go? Whitney's best song, one of the most famous songs of all time, I Will Always Love You is as timeless as a fairy tale, as beautiful as a classic and as tender as a heart felt emotion!

8. I'll be Missing You (1997) Puff Daddy & Faith Evans ft. 112

A song that one chants as a religious mantra. You cannot help but sway and sing along to this one. Lost someone? A loved one? Family? Partner? A best friend? A soul mate? This could be the most apt, beautiful dedication to them!

9. I Gotta Feeling (2009) Black Eyes Peas

Let's welcome a newer song into our playlist. We have so many of them with the rise of hip hop and digital music. This one is a happy number. Play it, get up and dance! Truly enjoyable!

10. Macarena (1996) Los Del Rio

Somehow this feels like a blast from the past, doesn't it? Funky, enjoyable and peppy! Remember our chic Macarena? Come meet her!

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