Life Is Good

life is good!
I can't have everything my way. What I can do is make the most of what I have with me. And, to be honest, my life's good. I've got the perfect family who won't let me fall. I've got a book supply that can last for over a month if all I were to do 24/7 was read. Winters are so here, and the best way to celebrate them is with late night apple pies and creamy coffees. Late night fast food home deliveries and movies every weekend, sleeping at the brink of dawn. If you're thinking, yes, I'm a foodie! 

Life is good even when you've got no one to share it with, because it's all about how you look at it. You've got a wonderful family to share it! Not every one has a family so hold there hands, give them a warm smile and when they get down, tell them it's going to be just fine, because YOU are there for them.

Life can be good when you've got a demanding job that grinds you 5 days a week. Being busy keep us workaholics happy. And in this age, who isn't a workaholic? Being busy lets you appreciate your leisure time more generously. After a long day of work, seeing a loved one smile at you is so refreshing! You realize though things in the outside world change at an insane speed, some things never change. Things like love and family.

Life's good when you've got an old book in your hands and tea at your disposal. Look out the window and see Lahore's fog on a cold December morning and snuggle closer to the heater. Oh I can hardly wait!

Life is good even when you've got no car. Walk and meditate, see the things around you. Ponder. How often do you that? Welcome to reality. And no, reality doesn't always mean something horrible. It's much better than that!

There is something good about having a limited budget. You get to search, choose, search again and try to choose again for the best thing you can get within your budget. Why are there so many stories about the richie riches who were anything but happy? 

Life's good when you hear a love song and it makes you smile. It makes you want to get up and dance. Dance, baby dance. Life is good!

Life is good when you receive a forgotten letter the old style, from an old friend who lives half way across the world but still remembers you. There is something so nostalgic about traditional letters and the envelopes stamped with the By Air Mail text.

Life is good for so many countless reasons. We just have to be appreciative enough and open ourselves to what it has to offer. Every one has their share of troubles, but that doesn't make it any less beautiful. I wish you a wonderful life!

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