Happily Ever After Starts Here - Fantastic Friday

Welcome to this week's edition of Fantastic Friday, where we talk about happiness and inspiration and everything that goes in between!

What was that one fairy tale you solemnly believed in as a girl?

Once upon a time there was a little girl who had a bottle full of love. She loved it so dearly, she held it close to her always. The bottle shone out with affection to anyone who would look at it. Greedy as she was, she never dared to open it and hence, missed out on all the magic of it. The label at the back said, "Learn to share, and when you do, open this bottle, it's meant for two; it will bring you joy, and cast away all pain, when you find your happiness, in someone else's gain..." 

A woman I know dreamed day and night of a knight in shining armor. Her imagination showed her a gallant hero like figure who would save her from the clutches of a dreadful evil and take her to his far off kingdom where they would live happily ever after. When love came, it wasn't a knight in shining armor; what mattered was kindness, compassion, trust and a little manly ardor!

Grandma and Grandpa were an awesome couple. They often ended up mixing up and drinking tea from each other cups. They finished each other's sentences and I never failed to absorb the love they so generously radiated. When grandma grew fatally ill, grandpa never let her be sad. "Why should she be sad when we have had an ocean of happiness between us?" When grandma closed her eyes, she was smiling back to grandpa over a forgotten joke. Romeo and Juliet died in love, But grandpa and grandma were far better, who grew old together!

To the bride, whose husband never loved her enough. You gave someone your life, your time, your devotion, all so willingly. You thought marrying someone meant having them too. It hurts, I know, hurts every time you watch him sleep indifferently. Don't cry, Darling Bride. Every tear you shed takes the form of a tiny pearl somewhere. Your fairy tale does not end here. All it needs is a little faith and a warm heart to place that faith. Your fairy tale hasn't begun but it soon will be. 

We all make mistakes. Eve's apple. Same story over and over. Every thing falls into place when it is all meant to be. Fairy tales are written in Heaven! 

It was bad, heart breaking and you feel like your tears will never stop. Little Girl, cry if you want. But no more tears tomorrow. Tomorrow is a new day; leave the past here in the now and close the book. Open a new one, a book with empty pages and fill them words of hope and happiness and love. Design it with colours. Adorn it with lessons of your past. Someday, someone might open your book, and fall in love with all that you have to give the world. Dance once more, smile from the heart, let it fill your eyes with shine. Let every love ballad warm your soul and let it fill you with hope, because happily ever after is soon to be!


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