6 Step Do-It-Yourself French Manicure

French manicure can be easily done at home. Given a little practice, your hand becomes steady at painting the white area which is the real attraction of this kind of manicure. A French manicure will look at its best if you have healthy nails. Taking care of your nails go a long way in maintaining a nice nail art.

Use these simple steps to have your own french manicure at home, since for most women, it is not feasible to have it done by the professionals each time. With little practice, you can achieve a neat and steady hand. 

1. Wipe off any old nail polish on your nails using a cotton ball soaked in nail polish remover. When completely removed, soak your hands in warm water for some time.

2. While your skin is still soft with being immersed in warm water, use and orangewood stick to push back cuticles into an even shape with the rest of your fingers.

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3. Using a nail cutter and nail file, shape your nails evenly. You can also use beauty scissors if you are comfortable with using that.

4. Very carefully, paint a white hue at the tip of your nails using white nail polish. You
 might need to add a second coat depending on your nail paint's opaqueness and quality. Let it dry.

5. Now add a layer of transparent pink color over the whole nail area. Again allow nails to dry thoroughly.

6. Last but not the least, add a clear top coat of transparent nail polish over the entire nail area. Let it dry. This will help protect your french manicure from chipping off too soon and will protect it against some mild factors that might damage it.

7. Enjoy your new manicure that you did yourself at home! Avoid unnecessary contact with water. For extra protection, you can add new topcoat layer each alternate night.

  1. If you have an unsteady hand at painting the white hue, you can use a cotton bud soaked in nail polish remover to even out the curve of this white hue. 
  2. When doing the white nail paint, be sure to move upwards, rather than any other direction. This will help uniformity and avoid unevenness.
  3. You can also use the clean nail polish at the beginning. This will protect your natural nail base from any harm that might come from the subsequently used nail paints.

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