Decor Ideas: 9 Simple Ways For A Lounge Make Over

The say hands can make a house but only hearts can build a home. It holds so true. Home requires constant love, devotion, time and efforts. The results are heart warming. Building a home is a human's, particularly woman's, instinctive need. The comfort of a beautiful home, managed with care and simplicity warms a heart and it is up to the woman of the house to make it a home.

Follow our simple tips in making your lounge or sitting area cozier without much hassle. If your like this list, send it to someone who might find it useful too. Sharing is caring!

Lounge Decor Idea 1: Books Are Timeless

A book shelf can add depth to your room when done the right way. It's so easy. But remember not to go over board with this idea as it may give your room a stuffed look. Add a book shelf to cover up empty spaces. Color the insides in a slightly warmer as that of the room.

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Lounge Decor Idea 2: Contrast Adds Beauty

I am in love with contrasts. Not only do they add an interesting variety to your room, but they also depth and elegance when done the right way. Black and white still is a universal favorite when it comes to contrasts.

Lounge Decor Idea 3: Bloom Up Your Room With Flowers

Need I tell you about what wonders flowers can do to a room make over? Instant color adders that are free if you have a little garden of your own. These are my favorite!

Lounge Decor Idea 4: Use Gold Accents To Give A Classy Look

Gold is back! It still gives off a classy, elegant look that's hard to replace. Add a bit of gold in your guest room furniture or a formal sitting area meant for guests. The elegance is hard to miss!

Lounge Decor Idea 5: Warm Up With Plush Throws

Gearing up for winter by any chance? Add throws to your lounge. Use warm colors that define greater depth and layered texture to your design. They are very inviting and comfortable in winters. 

Lounge Decor Idea 6: Cheer For Green

The age old norm still holds true; no matter which style you're following for your home design, plants will always have that special knack for lighting up your home like no other thing can. Have a lonely corner and don't have the budget to buy something 

Lounge Decor Idea 7: Pillow Love

A single pair of couch pillows will look rather inadequate. Add multiple rows of soft cushions and couch pillows in contrasting colors to give a dull colored couch a more vibrant and homely feel. Works best for all kinds of lounges.

Lounge Decor Idea 8: Skirted Furniture Gives a "Finished" Look

If you have too many table and chair legs in your living room, it gives a "nervous" feel to it. Adding skirted furniture gives it a more subtle, finished look. On the contrary, if all your furniture is skirted, you can end up having a "warm room" that may not be so ideal in summers. Go with a blend of both if you have them.

Lounge Decor Idea 9: Brighten Up A Small Balcony

The best and most affordable way to brighten up a small balcony space is by painting your pots as shown below. They seem to smile at you, don't they? Not only do they add color, they add more life to the balcony's lonely spot by housing a green plant if desired.

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