Sassy DIY: 9 Super Simple DIY Rings To Try!

I love collecting rings. I know most of you girls share the same interest. It is not always the case that you find the ring of your choice. Another factor can be your budget limitations. DIY rings are a fun way to make rings for yourself with the style and colors of your choice. What's more? You can gift it to your friends also.

If you’re into DIY and crafts when it comes to style, making these DIY Rings will be right up your sleeve. We have here 9 DIY rings that are sure to make your jewelry collection look more unique and fun, not to mention, funky and stylish. These handmade rings are so very easy to do and will require very cheap materials. So take notes and bookmark the ring tutorials you like; these will come in handy during the holidays or for a  quiet afternoon of  crafting.

In addition to that, there are so many simple ring ideas that you can try, basing your craftsmanship on these basic ring DIYs. Stay tuned to check them out. Now enjoy making rings at home!

1. DIY Button Statement Rings


It seems you cannot get enough of the kinds of crafts where buttons can be used. Among countless other ways to use buttons in making something totally cute, use them in rings instead. The ideas just keep on popping once you get started with this one!

2. DIY Cocktail Rings


3. DIY Wire Wrapped Rings


4. Easy DIY Rings


Big rings are a must have for any ring lover. While small rings can be elegant and feminine, big and bold ring designs seem to shout out a fashion statement. Enjoy this DIY for making big rings of your choice and getting noticed!

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5. The Flower Ring


Going floral is so chic. What with all the useless fabric lying around the house. It's time to bring it into use by making these super easy fabric flowers and adorning them in the shape of a ring. Looks girl, doesn't it?

6. Wire Wrap Ring DIY


Marble/plastic/seemingly-ordinary objects when wrapped properly with a clean wire can be a good and cheap way to make rings at home.

7. Sassy DIY: Waterfall Chain Ring


8. Pin Cluster Ring


Using ordinary objects lying around the house, you can come up with this simple ring idea that apparently looks like a number of "stones" fixed together. The effect certainly looks good. Try this one out by making clusters using this simple DIY tutorial.

9. DIY Leather Wrapped Rings


This one has to be my favorite in the whole list. I saved the best for last. Not only are these easy to make, they won't break and be in tact longer.

Which ones of these will you try? Share it with your girlies and do fun crafts together!

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