5 Quick Tricks To Making A Manicure Last

Nail Care Tips Making A Manicure Last Longer
There goes some very basic and simple tips to keep your perfect manicure and avoid trips to the salon and half your day's pay check! Follow these four simple steps to have a manicure that actually lasts.

Step 1. Prepare your nails

Wipe off any residue or greasiness on your nail surface by using a nail polish remover. This step should be a must since dirt and greasiness (e.g. from lotion) will stop the nail polish from adhering onto your nails properly.

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Step 2. Choosing the right base for your manicure

Be aware that base color and topcoat colors are too different items in terms of their behavior in prolonging or shortening a manicure lifetime. A base color will be soft and sticky; it is formulated to adjust with your nail texture and grab color. Whereas, a topcoat color is hard and shiny and does quite the opposite thing that the base coat does.

Step 3. Pearly nail paints are ideal for manicures

Pearly nail polishes have the longest staying power. Pearlescent formulae stay on tight as compared to other shades, particularly matte shades. Apply two even, thin coats for better color. Thick heavy coats are not advisable since they do not let the nail polish's solvents from evaporating and are likely to lead to chipping off.

Step 4. Using a good topcoat

Do not go for quick drying top coats. You may gain the edge over time, but what you lose is the actual protection it should provide. Let your topcoat do its job and let it take all the time it needs. 

Step 5. Keep your manicure oiled

As your manicure dries up day by day, it is prone to easy chipping and wearing. Keeping it oiled on a daily basis can help this from occurring too soon. Use a nail oil at least once a day, preferably before sleeping so that the oil gets to stay on the nail surface longer and do its wonders.

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