Top 20 Most Googled Celebrities In The World

Ever wonder who are the most often searched celebrities on Google? Think again. After months of painstaking research, here’s the definitive answer to which celebrity get googled the most.

#20 Angelina Jolie – 134,000,000 Results

Top Googled Women
Well all there is to say is thank you, for making sure that this sex goddess is in the top-20 most popular women. Having recently made her directorial debut in the Land of Blood and Honey, this is one sexy and talented lady on many people’s watchlist.

#19 Paris Hilton – 145,000,000 Results

Top Googled Women
Having coined the phrase celebutante, she is still being well searched. And why wouldn’t she? She has so much ‘work’ ready to be shared with the world. Be it ‘amateur home footage’ or ‘wardrobe faux-pas’, you know she has tons of ‘admirers’.
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#18 Taylor Swift – 159,000,000 Results

Top Googled Women
Well, why wouldn’t anyone be surprised to find Taylor on this list? Not only has she been working hard on the country scene, she is there with teeny-boppers and MTV fans alike. This talented lady is currently on tour promoting her new album.

#17 Lindsay Lohan – 173,000,000 Results

Top Googled Women
Is there a way for her not to be notorious? On top of the routine arrests and drunken incidents, Lindsay took it a step further for getting accused of jewelry theft. Add in the steamy photo shoots seen in Machete, you get the secret recipe for success.

#16 Avril Lavigne – 175,000,000 Results

Top Googled Women
Being the youngest female vocalist ever to have the #1 spot on the Billboard UK, Avril Lavigne is the second most popular Canadian on this list.

#15 Adele – 177,000,000 Results

Top Googled Women
Having won the 2009 Grammy for Best New Artist and Female Pop Vocal Performance has no doubt contributed to her rise. In January she released her 2nd album to rave reviews and her single reached the #1 Billboard spot. It will certainly be surprising not to see her on this list.

#14 Selena Gomez – 179,000,000 Results

Top Googled Women
Hmm… is there a chance not to be popular if you are dating Justin Bieber? Just saying though. And she is the third highest female to make this list while not on last year’s list.

#13 Beyonce – 195,000,000 Results

Top Googled Women
Having been busy working on her new album, titled ‘4’, this may have lead to her drop in popularity. The album due to release this year, will certainly see her rise back to the top.

#12 Miley Cyrus – 207,000,000 Results

Top Googled Women
Been caught ripping a bong and giving a lap dance (at age 16) all before she turned 18.

#11 Jennifer Lopez – 214,000,000 Results

Top Googled Women
Her new album and having given birth to twins might have push up her popularity. Then again, her role in the most recent season of American Idol might have helped

#10 Madonna – 230,000,000 Results

Top Googled Women
Having been replaced as the Queen of Pop, we are seeing a rather large fall in her popularity this year. Not to mention Madonna has not made any interesting headlines this year. Nevertheless she remains at #2 best selling female vocalist in the US (right behind Barbara Streisand who is not on this list

#9 Kim Kardashian – 232,000,000 Results

Top Googled Women
Although most may have remembered her for showing her butt across the internet, Kim has managed to make a name with numerous reality shows. She recently married Kris Humphries.

#8 Shakira – 239,000,000 Results

Top Googled Women
Who can forget her … hips? Having been on tour the past year to promote her last two albums and with the highest grossing single “Hips Don’t Lie”, she certainly cuts a good figure.

#7 Katy Perry – 263,000,000 Results

Top Googled Women
With the release of her album Teenage Dream last year, her singles have been playing non-stop on the radio. Not to mention her marriage to Russell Brand and an upcoming voice role in the Smurfs movie. Looks like nothing can stand in her way.

#6 Britney Spears – 277,000,000 Results

Top Googled Women
Having released her first album in 10 years, maniac Britney appears to be staying on. For she was also #6 last year and didn’t do diddly squat.

#5 Nicki Minaj – 296,000,000 Results

Top Googled Women
How many people have heard of Nicki a year back? But things have changed. Being the first artist to ever have seven songs on the Billboard Top 100 does wonders for any artiste. Armed with a voluptuous tush and voice, Nicki is just too eye catching.

#4 Cher – 340,000,000 Results

Top Googled Women
Cher is certainly an evergreen in the fast moving entertainment industry. She was recently in news for being confused about her daughter’s homosexuality. Cher’s popularity is set to remain due to the support of her fanatic fan base.

#3 Rihanna – 384,000,000 Results

Top Googled Women
The drop in Beyonce’s popularity created the opportunity for Rihanna to move in. Post-Chris Brown, Rihanna recently released a new album with some controversial music videos to complement its singles. We eagerly anticipate more.

#2 Justin Bieber – 496,000,000 Results

Top Googled Women
Why is Bieber here? Having been strangely popular for some time now. He ranked #7 last year, his new 3D movie has shot him through the charts. Not to mention his new relationship with Selena Gomez.

#1 Lady Gaga – 578,000,000 Results

Top Googled Women
Like her or not, we have a new Queen of Pop. All of us here are definitely not surprised to see her top the list as the year’s Most Popular Woman in cyber space.

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