Hottest Mobile Phones For Girls

Gadgets are no more a guy thing. Today, girls want an equal dose of technology too, and in less but their own style. Keeping this in mind, so many mobile phone vendors have created a whole new color line for girls. Pink and other bright colored phones are a must have for a girl who wants to make an impression. Girly phones are now part of their accessories. Check out some of the hottest phones and smartphones for girls available in the market.

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LG GD510 Pop Pink

LG KF350 Ice Cream
 This phone is as cute as the name sounds. LG never fails to deliver style when they promise it. The LG KF 350 Ice Cream is affordable and economical.
Price: starting $113

Micromax Bling 2
Not much famous yet, the Micromax Bling 2 sure does make a striking impression if that if your first priority. It's a good decision to chuck off the pinky parts from the first model of Bling, Bling 2 comes in classy white and is all about style and elegance. Micromax Bling 2 comes with beautiful pouches (shown above) that do justice to the overall look of the phone. It's a good package that comes with a 4 MP camera and 4 GB RAM. This phone is economical and in range as compared to some of the phones given in this list.
Price: starting $109

Nokia 6700 Slide Pink 3623

Nokia 7230 Pink

Nokia N8
Nokia’s N8 is now available in pink and blue colors. It’s packed with a 12 MP camera, HD video recording, Ovi applications and Nokia Store for you. It has some women oriented applications like Elle Fashion Apps to keep you updated on the latest fashion and style trends.
Price: (starting) $311

Blackberry 8520 Curve Voilet

HTC Desire S Red
 Nothing screams out passion, sophistication and high tech specs like the HTC Desire S Red. I personally think HTC touch screens are top notch, other than the iPhone. Enjoy Android at its best with HTC; superb resolution, highly stable OS is just the beginning of what it has got to offer.
Price: (starting) $390

iPhone 4 S White
 iPhone has long since been the ultimate status symbol in some parts of the world, while in others, it's a must have. The lastest iPhones are now available in a flawless white. Elegance and technology, simply amalgamated.
Price: (starting) $446; 8 GB / $719; 16 GB / $825; 32 GB

LG Cookie Lite T300 Pink

Nokia 2220 Pink
 Price: (approx) $50

Nokia C3 Pink
It's the kind of chic pink that I would like to own regardless of having neither Android or iOS. Nokia, no doubt, stands up to its name like always, but this pink it what I would gladly leave others for. Perfect for girls who are not to technology oriented, yet style conscious.
Price: (starting) $100

Nokia Lumia 800 White
Nokia Lumia 800 White is as elegant as they can get! A wide screen display with highly improved touch screen, it can almost pass for an iPhone is looks and beauty. It houses a Windows phone.
Price: (starting) $358

Nokia C3 Phones - Pink and Light Voilet

Samsung E1360 Pink
 Price: (starting) $40

Samsung Galaxy S 2
Price: (starting) $500

Samsung S7070 Diva
The Samsung Diva houses a unique diamond shaped crystal button that is the main attraction of this phone and is likely to catch everyone's attraction. It's one of the most stylish phones from Samsung that has a 3.2 MP camera. It has several women specific applications like "Wish List" to list down shopping lists.
Price: (starting) $320

Do you own any of these? Or do you think there is some other girly phone that should make it to this list, feel free to share with us. 

Prices may change or vary since the time of this post. Please  verify on your own.

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